Kafe Yoon Wah @ Jalan Bijih Timah, Ipoh Old Town

Shall take a break from my usual KL/PJ eateries reviews and post something related to my hometown today. I have been extremely lazy to go out eat when I go back to Ipoh, usually will just cook instant noodle for lunch, nibble on bread and buns and enjoy mom’s cooking for dinner. Hence, that explains my lack of post on Ipoh. Maybe I should change my blog name.

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I remember that CityGal mentioned about “snow beer” in Ipoh before and when my friend say “Let’s go for snow beer”, I just say, “Okay”. I’m not fond of alcohols by the way. ^^

When I start to write this post, then only I realised… “What snow beer?? I didn’t even post up the picture of it!” (Err… what am I thinking actually? *sigh*) So, no picture of the beer itself but just to let you know that they chill the beer glass and when the beer is poured in it, it forms a smooth foam on the top. Interesting.

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The usual fried yee mee with prawns, pork slices and choy sum (sweet mustard?) Another interesting stuff about this place is… the waiter/waitress uses PDA as substitute to pen and paper to record down your orders. Talking about high tech eh?

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Salt and pepper mantis prawns. I usually love them done the “kam heong” style but this is equally good too. This is perhaps the best dish for the night.

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Stir-fry escargots in kam heong style. The meat were kinda tough and rubbery, which I don’t quite like. It also lacked the wok hei (breath of wok) too.

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We also ordered some chicken satay from the stall across the street which I think were pretty okay but my friends commented that the chicken meat tastes weird. Hmmmm….?

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Kafe Yoon Wah & Kafe Sun Yoon Wah (across the street)
Jalan Bijih Timah, Ipoh Old Town

Directions: After cross the bridge of Kinta River, turn right into Jalan Bandar Timah. Pass Kong Heng and Thean Chun on your left and turn right again. Go till the end of the street, turn right and you see a piece of empty land use for car park. Pass the car park and you’ll see the shop.

24 thoughts on “Kafe Yoon Wah @ Jalan Bijih Timah, Ipoh Old Town

  1. Will try to find this place the next i visit ipoh. In fact, we always go there to look for food apart from visitng my auntie. Go Kampar for the curry chicken bread. Foh San for dimsum. Namyee pau at Sungai Siput and Kuala Kangsar.

  2. I notice about this place for sometime now….that area was, it meant long time ago was a dead place at night, but later on there were a drinking place but now there are a few seafood restaurant flourish there, I think it is good as it makes ipoh busier! Will try when I am in Ipoh!

  3. Erina Law: Hi there. There are plenty more places to try in Ipoh such as crab in Bercham, dim sum at Ming Court and curry mee at Ipoh New Town. Do drop by again!

    Teckiee: Hahaha. Sounds so high tech hor?

    Ginger: Really? Take picture and show us!

    BBO: Yeah, at least another choice to go for supper? 🙂

    NKOTB: Make a trip down lah.

    WMW: Aiyer, the Pigi sounds like Pig LOL

    Christine: Heh, planning that. Update you guys later.

    Tummythoz: LOL

    Precious Pea: But later too much, can’t finish in 1 or 2 days.

  4. the Snow Beer is nice n refreshing, but u gotta finish it quick b4 alll the foam disappear, else it tastes just like normal beer with ice …
    the mantis prawns looks yummy ….
    escargots are tasty! but only tried the ones in restaurants … cooked in butter n garlic … yumyum

  5. J2K: Yep, the trick is at the beer mug. I don’t quite like escargots as they can be very chewy if overcooked.

    Razak: Indulgence at Jalan Tambun, Citrus at the old Antap Cafe Ipoh Garden East, Paprika at the shophouses behind Jusco, Italia Mia at Sunway, Brewster nearby Padang Ipoh.

  6. is Brewster nice? i heard its quite pricey though … its so near to my office though …hehe …
    maybe we can try someday?
    wait, Italia Mia serves PORK … Indulgence too, if i’m not mistaken …
    the others i am not sure …sorry
    MP is halal, but no candlelights though ..hehe …

  7. J2K, Razak: Ah, sorry… I didn’t notice whether they’re halal or not. I think most of them serves pork except the cafe’s in hotels. But I’m sure the prices will be quite high especially if you’re planning for Valentine’s dinner.

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