Ampang Yong Tau Foo @ Taipan, USJ

Was supposingly going for dinner at one the Japanese restaurant in Taipan last month when the makan gang detour to the shop opposite it…. What the heck!

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When mention about the name, I know it’s not a preferred place to go for yong tau foo but anyway, the majority wins. *tsk tsk*

We went for their set meal for 6 person which include:

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Mixed yong tau foo. Stuffed chillies, fish balls, stuffed okra, aubergines, stuffed tauhu pok, white beancurd and stuffed beancurd sheets. One thing that I can’t familiarize myself with yong tau foo here was the sauce that being poured over them. I still love my deep fried yong tau foo to be served dry.

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Assam fish which are just mediocre. Feel that the fish were not fresh.

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Deep fried fish paste wrapped in wan ton skin. Pretty ok with this but just some normal stuff, nothing special to rave about.

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Some blanched iceberg lettuce with garlic oil and fried shallots to balance our meal.

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We also had the soupy version of sui kow which is quite good, with minced meat, fish paste, and chopped sengkuang.

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And finally, some pandan chicken to complete the meal. Although I doubt that I tasted any pandan aroma from the chicken, the chicken itself are flavourful with sufficient marinade but a tad too oily.

I personally feel that this is just another place to have a normal, decent meal with friends or family. If can, just avoid the assam fish.

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Ampang Yong Tau Foo has branches in Ampang and PJ as well. This outlet is located in Taipan, USJ, opposite 7-Eleven.

23 thoughts on “Ampang Yong Tau Foo @ Taipan, USJ

  1. Well, as I don’t really like fish, I usually eat up eating lots of foo chook. So, nothing much for me to eat at a place like this unless they have lots of variety. haha…Oh, must have Chee Cheong Fun too lah.

  2. WMW: CCF at a yong tau foo place?

    NKOTB: The sui kow’s not bad 🙂

    LotsofCravings: We were supposed to go for something else there. Then suddenly changed mind. sigh

    Lyrical Lemongrass: The chicken is pretty good though. But it’s oily 🙂

  3. Hey, Puchong got a nice YTF. I don’t know the address but the place is call Mei Keng Restaurant. I also think it’s near bandar kinrara there. Darn good!!!

  4. Team BSG: yeah, correct!

    Lipsuan: Maybe we order the wrong stuff.

    Ai Wei: The YTF are pretty normal but not the other dishes.

    Cutie: Aiyah, now I know Puchong have 2 nice YTF places! Anyone wanna bring me go?? 😛

  5. Paul: It is my duty 😛

    Teckiee: I haven’t try the Ampang one yet. So, can’t compare.

    AhBong: Get your crave fix soon ya.

    Precious Pea: Haha, true. Remember that Jackson mention “let’s plan a trip to Puchong for YTF?”

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