Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!

Shakey’s Pizza @ Leisure Mall, Cheras, KL


Let us talk about pizza today. In Ipoh, you won’t find other type of pizza brand except the usual Pizza Hut (and those frozen packed in supermarket, of course). During my trips to KL many many years ago, I get to know about Domino Pizza, the thin crust type of pizza (which Pizza Hut haven’t come out with that time) and the list goes on. And it’s difficult to find a place that serves good pizza with reasonable price.
2 months ago, I was able to try out another pizza brand (which I think is a local company), Shakey’s Pizza. Issac, his siblings and me went to this outlet at Leisure Mall before our karaoke session.

We went for their set meal for four person which include:

Cream of mushroom. Nothing out of the ordinary, taste just like those you find at normal cafés. (how special can it go with pre-packed cream of mushroom by the way?)

Basket of garlic bread which is slightly bigger in term of size and servings than Pizza Hut. Tastes pretty ordinary too.

Two regular pizzas of our choice. First one is the seafood pizza that comes with generous amount of tuna flakes, crabsticks, pineapples, green capsicums and fish balls. Yes, you read that… I repeat, fish ball. I was surprised too, how the heck they came up with the idea to put fish balls in pizza? The taste of the pizza and fish ball doesn’t match at all but anyway, they just gave us 6 pieces of that. Such a new thing to me… and weird too.

Second choice, we opted for chicken supreme. This is quite good with marinated chicken chunks, green capsicum, pineapples, tomatoes and onions. Oh, and cheese of course. I’ll say that their version is better than Pizza Hut as PH tend to be skimpy on the toppings.

And some dessert to end the meal which made us utter the word “Eiyer…”. Mango pudding with scary yellow colouring, tastes absolutely “artificial” and rough in texture. It’s like eating deep fried beancurd in mango flavour.

Overall, Shakey’s Pizza is kinda ok to me, at least with some different type of toppings that PH and Domino does not offer. Wouldn’t mind to come back again and try their other items in the menu.

Click here for more information on Shakey’s Pizza and click here for the list of outlets and their contact numbers in Malaysia. By the way, I Googled about Shakey’s Pizza and found that it is actually a pizza franchise originated from the US. Our local Shakey’s share the same logo as the US.