U-Village Restaurant, Sg. Wang Plaza

*An entry written in the style of Jackson.

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An overdue post… oh my gosh, supposed to write this in July!

Andy and Danny called me out for dinner (that was 9th July!). We met up at Sg. Wang and since we don’t want to eat “mahal mahal” food, Andy suggest we go to to this Hong Kong “char chan teng” inside Sg. Wang Plaza.

Dont know where it is? Just go to Low Yat Plaza and you’ll see the entrance opposite it… LOL!

Hungry… hungry… my stomach was making noise so we quick quick place our order.

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Andy had the Pumpkin Fried Rice with Pork Chop, RM15. Just look at the picture, it’s a very big portion with the pumpkin! I “curi” some of the rice to taste, not bad. But he say the pork chop is very hard to bite. He didn’t finish it at the end… so wasted…

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Danny ordered the Fried Garlic Pork Chop with Rice, RM7.90. The pork chop is crispy and full of garlic flavour, nice! I also steal a bit of the deep fried “ikan bilis”, which is not the small one but big one… hehe…

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I ordered the Spaghetti with Chicken Chop, RM8.90 and I’m loving it! The tomato sauce is quite good, the chicken chop is not very dry and crispy at the outside. But it is strange to eat spaghetti inside a Hong Kong style cafe.

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We also order the Fried Squid. Don’t really like it cos it’s too thick, which makes me feel like eating rubber. I won’t recommend all of you to order this…

Overall, their food are just ok to me. I saw they have “char siew” rice too, maybe will drop by next time to try it. Anyone wanna accompany me?

U-Village Restaurant
LB-R1, Sg. Wang Plaza,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148 9686

20 thoughts on “U-Village Restaurant, Sg. Wang Plaza

  1. Tummythoz: Nice? Let’s try something else next time, shall we?

    LotsOfCravings: Not really. I don’t like Kim Gary’s pork chop at all. They tastes kinda weird, well probably it’s just me.

  2. Errr…wat you mean by Jackson’s style?? The food looks good and the price seems very reasonable for such big portion. Sadly, i hardly go to Sg Wang area. Heard there are lots of good eateries there.

  3. Teckiee: It’s only fried rice served in hollowed pumpkin case. I don’t remember I bite into any pumpkin from the rice.

    NKOTB: Nope cos didn’t detect any pumpkin in it.

    Precious Pea: Doesn’t the style of writing a bit similar like Jackson’s style? Ok, maybe it doesn’t. LOL. Ask Jackson to bring you here?

  4. jason, check out err i think good friend restaurant or something like dat la the name at low yat ground floor. its actually towards the back facing amoda building. they hv good pumpkin fried rice dat came wid pumpkin too, has lots of prawns inside one!!!

  5. Waiter very poor quality.And delay my order around 1 hours.When i ask the waiter where my order,the waiter ask me back what i’m order.Damm it,this is your job!Plase check urself.And the Capiten never take action.Finally just cancel my booking.Never apologize to me.Final answer is dun know where my order going~What the Hell of this Restaurant.

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