Answers to Song Meme

Alright, let me reveal the names of the songs in my previous Song Meme post. So far, only Christy got the most correct answers!

Song 1
Late night club like a video with the hot stuff, top stuff, we got stuff (male group)
*Soo Yin, Teckiee and Christy got the correct answer, it’s Fly By from the US male group, Blue. It makes me feel like wanna party everytime I listen to it.

Song 2
I just wanna hold you close but so far (female)
Christy got it correct again. Dreaming of You – Selena.

Song 3
If I ask, would you say yes? (male group)
Everyday I Love You – Boyzone. This was their last song before the group disbanded. *clap clap to Soo Yin, Mei Yen and Christy*

Song 4
And all you can do is wait for that day when they will care (female)
One of WMW’s favourite song. Have You Ever? by Brandy. Meaningful lyrics.

Song 5
Your breath is just a sea mist surrounding my body (group)
Christy got it right again! One of my favourite song from The Corrs, Only When I Sleep.

Song 6
Baby, don’t waste your time. I know what’s on your mind (male)
Teckiee, your description is quite accurate. I think I sang this during our previous karaoke session at RedBox. The correct answer is I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man by Jordan Knight. Not Goo Goo Dolls. 🙂

Song 7
Girl you need to understand, your heart’s safe within my hands (male group)
Christy rocks again! I purposely choose a not-so-popular track but you got it correct. Yeap, it’s For The Girl Who Has Everything, N Sync.

Song 8
Did you think you could walk back in my life? (female)
*Another points for Christy*. I Learned From The Best – Whitney Houston.

Song 9
Don’t be afraid if you got something to say (male)
Christy, you’re late! It’s Stay The Same from Joey McIntyre!

Song 10
You were my first love, you were my true love, from the first kisses to the very last rose (female)
I guess the lyric is revealed the name. Cheers to Soo Yin, Mei Yen and Christy. Teckiee… mana nama?? :p

Song 11
Where the fields are green, to see him once again (male group)
Mei Yen and Christy got it right. My Love by Westlife.

Song 12
Touch him with the gentleness you feel inside (female)
Teckiee correct half 😛 (no song name!). Tell Him, Celine Dion duet with Barbara Streisand.

Song 13
You came and breathe new life into this lonely heart of mine (male)
Points for Soo Yin and Christy again. Back At One, Brian McKnight.

Song 14
If only you could see the tears in the world you left behind (male group)
One of my all time favourite, Soledad by Westlife. Soledad means “solitude” in Spanish but they refer that as a girl’s name.

Song 15
And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you (duet)
This is pretty obvious. Soo Yin, Teckiee and Christy got it correct. Something Stupid, Robbie Williams duet with Nicole Kidman. She has good voice but what a kinky music video!

Song 16
I have learned there’s an inner peace I own (female)
Christy again! Can’t Take That Away, Mariah Carey which also known as Mariah’s Theme. Meaningful lyric.

Song 17
Un-cry these tears, I’ve cried for so many nights (female)
Kudos to Teckiee and Christy. Unbreak My Heart – Toni Braxton.

Song 18
You rock my world, the way you talk to me (male)
A song suitable for party! You Rock My World by Michael Jackson.

Song 19
Now I know we can revive it, all the love we left (male group)
Only Christy got the answer. Everytime, by UK band, A1.

Song 20
I’m sorry that you, seem to be confused, he belongs to me (duet)
Last one. Nah, I’m not gonna compete with you girls (LOL). The Boy Is Mine – Brandy duet with Monica. For some time, I always thought that the two of them looked alike.

Thanks for taking part, girls!

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