Tagged: 12 Layers of Me

Layer One: On The Outside
Name: Jason Choong.
DOB: 1st of November.
Current Status: Single lah.
Eye Colour: Black.
Hair Colour: Dark Brown (I think so).
Righty or Lefty: Lefty when holding phone, righty when writing.

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage: Em… Cantonese lar. Speak Cantonese since small and Ipoh is the Cantonese territory what.
Your Fears: Got bitten by snake. Fall into a drain. Slipped at the stairs. So pai seh leh….
Your Weaknesses: Silent (all these years).
Your Perfect Pizza: Em… no specific one wor.

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: Stupid phone alarm so noisy… Grrr…
Your Bedtime: Around 11pm – 12pm (Unless I’m out late).
Your Most Missed Memory: Rejoicing with choir club members after won the Daerah Kinta 1 Choir Competition in 1999 at SMK Ave Maria, Ipoh.

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi.
McDonald’s or Burger King: Burger King. I’m a lazy eater, so burger is fine. 😛
Single or Group Dates: Never heard of group dates leh.
Adidas or Nike: Nike. But so darn expensive.
Tea or Nestea: Nestea. I don’t like tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Both, please!
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino.

Layer Five: Do You…
Smoke: Of course not. Don’t understand why people wanna inhale smoke. Go inhale vehicle’s smoke or burning smoke la, cheaper.
Curse: Of course! But never spill them out.
Have a crush: Errr… have guar, I think.
Think you’ve been in love: Nope.
Go to school: From kindergarten till Form 5. Does that count?
Want to get married: Don’t want! Marriage is scary… :p
Believe in yourself: The percentage is less than 50%.
Think you’re a health freak: Wahahaha~~! You must be kidding me.

Layer Six: In The Past Month Have you…
Drank alcohol: Yes but hate it.
Gone to the mall: Where to go if not the mall???
Been on stage: No no no.
Eaten sushi: Err…. *hide face* No leh…
Dyed your hair: I never dye my hair lar! But thinking of doing it soon. 😛

Layer Seven: Have You Ever…
Played A Stripping Game: No no. I’m very docile and innocent de.
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: Maybe but don’t think I remember when.

Layer Eight: You’re Hoping
To Be Married: What? Aren’t that supposed to ask on a girl? :S
For a: Samsung YP-K3 MP3 player, 2GB please!

Layer Nine: In a Boy (For guys, In a Gal)
Best Eye + Best Hair Color Combination: Whatever lah.
Short Hair or Long Hair: Half-half. 😛

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago: Copying the YP-K3 link.
1 Hour Ago: Went to toilet.
4.5 Hours Ago: Talking to my boss.
1 month Ago: Cursing cos it was Monday.
1 Year Ago: Can’t remember lah! Haiyo….

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I Love: to chill out with my friends.
I Feel: cold now.
I Hate: ginger and sneezing. (yet I’m sneezing everyday. Puh!)
I Hide: my anime DVDs and mangas.
I Miss: my PS2 and holidays!
I Need: to clear off my dark eye circles. Any suggestion?

Layer Twelve: Tag Five People
1. WMW
2. Jackson Kah
3. Lyrical Lemongrass
4. Precious Pea
5. Teckiee

Remember to do your homework ya. 😀

13 thoughts on “Tagged: 12 Layers of Me

  1. NKOTB: Thanks.

    Christine: That was when I’m still small. I jumped from the shophouse pathway to the drain steel cover and hanged there. ^^!

    Precious Pea: Hahah… no need to think so hard lar.

    BBO: Em.. how to make that? 😛

    CityGal: Yeah, marriage scary 😛 I’m innocent and docile what, no meh?

    Mei YeN: LoL, dun worry… i’m sure yours is different lah.

    Lyrical Lemongrass: Hahaha! 12 layers of siew yoke… no bad!

    LotsOfCravings: You haven’t do the tag? Faster do!

    Teckiee: Good girl 😛

  2. Interesting meme 🙂
    I am not sure the marriage part is scary, or falling in love part. Perhaps if the second comes 1st, den the 1st one wouldn’t bee too scary 🙂

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