Carl’s Jr @ 1 Utama, PJ

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Alvin tempted me to try out Carl’s Jr after a day trip to the Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Centre few weeks back. Aha, got someone to accompany me, so why not? 🙂

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Their charbroiled burgers do look and sounds interesting, and according to Boolicious and Mei Yen, they come in huge sizes too. Now if you pair up a huge size burger and free flow of soft drink, what do you get at the end? Expanded tummy, of course!

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I went for their Chicken Santa Fe Sandwich, which consist of a thick and big piece of charbroiled chicken breast meat, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and pickles. The chicken is indeed very tender and juicy but lacked the taste somehow and was a bit cold. And it’s quite messy too. As you can see, there’s cheese on my bun (?) and when I try to grab it, that piece of meat actually glides away from the bun!

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Alvin ordered their Super Star which came with two pieces of succulent beef patties, lettuce, onion, cheese and mayonnaise. And it was cold as well but he happily wallop it down. Oh well, he was starving anyway. 😛

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We also shared a box of Beef Chilli Cheese Fries (fries topped with minced beef and cheese). Tastes kinda ok but too bad the fries were soggy. Bet it’ll taste better if came piping hot.

And then came the irritating part, spoiled all my mood for the day. We were about to leave and I tried to take the picture of the shop when a Malay woman in Jusco uniform spotted me and come over to question me:

Malay woman: “Hey… apa yang you tangkap? You dari mana?” (Hey… what are you taking? Where are you from?)

Me: “Tangkap gambar sahaja. Apa maksud you dari mana?” (Just photographing. What do you mean “where am I from?”) *was figuring whether she mean which part of KL I’m from or which COMPETITOR sent me over*

Malay woman: *ignoring my question and gave us an annoying look* “Kenapa tangkap gambar kedai? Nak buat apa?” (Why are you taking the picture of the shop? For what purpose?)

Alvin: “Kami datang dari Ipoh, tangkap gambar nak buat kenang-kenangan, tak boleh kah?” (We came from Ipoh, take pictures just for keepsake memories, is there something wrong with it?)

And that annoying woman actually ignored us for the second time and went to talk to a security guard who happens to be nearby! Good, now that we’re being treated as some sort of criminals??

Alvin: “Dang, she actually called the guard.”
Me: “To hell with her.” *continues to take my second and third shot*

When the guard came, I keep my camera back into my bag and left. He didn’t stop us or say anything. That Malay woman continues to stare at us but both of us just walk passed her as she’s invisible. Should have take her picture and post it here. *take deep breath to control my anger*

I love Malaysia, but not every aspects of it. If the person who’re taking pictures happens to be a foreigner, do you think she’ll talk to him like how she treated us? By the way, I can’t imagine that I actually said “To hell with her”! Aiksss….

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Carl’s Jr
Lot 210C, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing),
Petaling Jaya.

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22 thoughts on “Carl’s Jr @ 1 Utama, PJ

  1. OMG, so rude of that woman! One of those bad apples that pollute Msia’s image. She should’ve been more polite than shouting at customers like that!

    I’ve had a number a fastfood joint burgers but nothing can beat the simple down to earth road-side Ramly burger!

  2. Durianberry: She’s not shouting but her voice tone and gestures were really rude. I prefer BK than this too!

    Lyrical Sister: Maybe we should wait till their production line runs smooth. 🙂

    LotsOfCravings: LOL!

  3. omg, your burger looks ugly and messy! where’s their standard huh? sad case… and extremely upset over da incident that happened to you! find her really rude..i mean what if we aren’t malaysian chinese? maybe…. pure chinese from china? sad case…..

  4. That is so rude. You should have pretend not knowing what she saying. If got guts, scold in ENGLISH! Btw, in Jusco uniform means she is only a sales lady isn’t it? Since you taking pic of Carl’s Jr, what it got to do with her?

  5. Mei Yen: Guess it’s difficult to wrap such big burger, hence the mess. I wonder how many fingerprints are there on it! Thanks for concern on the incident. Luckily it didn’t happen to you.

    Precious Pea: Maybe not a cashier cos she was obviously, far away from the cashier counter! Yalah, I also confused why she need to be so kepoh.

  6. Hmm… after reading what you and Mei Yen wrote, I can safely say that I will not visit this place unless someone treat me ler.. hehe… Serving cold burgers and having rude staff is just terrible. I rather have my lovely Mcdonalds burger… Yummy!!

  7. Alamak..u should have take a picture WITH her, preferably with a peace sign! 😛 Kekeke…if I’m being treating rudely like that, believe me, I’ll scold her back even louder! Grrrr….

  8. why do they serve cold burgers? you’re not the first to say that… docile, just to “hell with her”? if i’m offended, you’ll get to hear loads of colourful thing spilling from my mouth dude..hehe

  9. OMG… I bet she would not dare to say a single word if it’s a foreigner. I respect your principle for cooling down yourself and not to post about it. This wasn’t a happy meal…
    Those burgers are too huge… how do you eat, huh?? 😛

  10. Cutie: It’s the Jusco staff that’s rude. Agree, I don’t think it’s worth it to pay so much for cold burgers.

    Tummythoz: Overall was ok as my companion’s a witty creature. But irritated at the end.

    Tankiasu: Hey, teach me how! I’m very docile de. 😛

    Teckiee: Oh, yeah… similar case.

    SC: No idea why the burgers cold. Heheheh… any chance we can hear it?

  11. NKOTB: Carl’s is doing the big burger business here. Well, just eat like usual you would but as it says, “It’s gonna be messy.”

    Babe_KL: Boo and Mei Yen took them, so I don’t think it’s prohibited. Hmm… should have ask. Didn’t come across of that thought.

  12. Er – she’s part of security (NOT sales) with 1U they do have a thing about taking pictures in the event that it’s being taken by a competitor.

    Don’t think they would have made much fuss if it was by a foreigner especially if the foreigner had that ‘touristy’ look, because they know it’s for keepsakes’ rather.

    When I used to work in retail we don’t allow photos to be taken too, see.

  13. I understand your feelings, if someone say that to me I’d be pissed off too. Anyway the burgers seem damn nice! Something diff than the usual McD/Burger King. I’m so gonna try this restaurant one day

  14. Alvin: Anyway, she doesn’t need to called the guard, right? Maybe we should pretend as foreigner the next time we camwhore. 😛 Speak Mandarin!

    vKeong: Hey, I can’t get enough of BK! I still like BK than this. They’re not cheap, you know.

  15. Honey Star: LOL. Well, I would say it doesn’t hurt to try but tastewise, I prefer McD or BK for the presentation and taste. Yes, it’s almost RM30 per set meal but you get double the size of the usual Zinger burger.

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