Superb Sunday Part 1 : Co Do @ Midvalley Megamall

Gosh, I’ve been sort like neglecting my blog nowadays, with one or two posts per week. In fact, there’s still some backloads hibernating in my hard disk, waiting to see the world but due to work, I guess they’ll need to wait a bit longer. Even now, I’m having stiff shoulders, my neck and back aching and I’m darn sleepy. = = zZzzz

Got to meet up with a non food blogger end of last month which happens to be the same day we had pot luck party at Nigel‘s place. Since the nearest “lepak” place to Nigel’s house is Midvalley Megamall, I suggested there for lunch. And only after that, I got stuck with the question of where to eat. *scratch head, pull hair*

After did some frantic search on the floggers’ posts, WMW’s review on Co Do saved my day!

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Located above Little Vietnam on the cinema floor, one could easily miss it as both Little Vietnam and Co Do uses the almost similar design and colour theme. (Notice the difference on the entrance here and on WMW’s post).

The choices here were not very extensive but enough to keep you occupied for some time. Most of the dishes were on beef, shrimps, lemongrass chicken and rice. We decided to go for their set priced at RM 35++ which consists of:

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Clams and Almond Rice, an addictive stuff! At first sight, it looked kinda plain but underneath it were generous amount of clams (lala) and toasted almond flakes and the rice is very flavourful. We enjoed it nontheless. My only comment: the rice was slightly cold.

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Fish Cake on Lemongrass. Another good stuff, where the fish cakes absorbs all the essence of lemongrass and gave us a pleasant aroma. Can’t go wrong with lemongrass, right?

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Sorry but I don’t quite remember what is this. I think it’s some sort of fish paste wrapped with beancurd sheet, steamed and drizzled with sweet sour sauce. Gonna go try this again to refresh my memory!

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We also like this, Vegetable Rolls. The skin is a bit chewy, nice smooth texture and the ingredients inside compliments the dish. You also get some crunchy sensation from the crushed nuts, nice!

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And last but not least, perhaps the most ordinary dish… Chicken Hu Teau (chewy translucent noodle). The noodle soaked up the broth pretty fast maybe due to that we’re busy chatting and I’m taking my own sweet time to snap the pictures! And look at the amount of shredded chicken breast meat given. Enough to make me come back for more.

Although the service here is kinda slow, we enjoyed the meal and the cozy ambience. If you’re looking for a place to slowly enjoy your meal and some long-winded conversations (:P ) without much distractions, you might want to give Co Do a try.

Now, I’m gonna get myself some bread and hot drink… Maybe no heavy meal tonight. 😦

19 thoughts on “Superb Sunday Part 1 : Co Do @ Midvalley Megamall

  1. Hmm… looks interesting. Never try that place. Maybe I should drop by.I kinda like the Chicken Hu Teau. Looks like there is a generous amount of chicken although the prawn looks kinda lonely there. hehe…

  2. Jason: You have started to explore KL eateries and it seems like u are now get used of the KL life, however I still miss your entry on Ipoh food! ( Not many Ipoh flogger left!) Ha! Ha!


  3. SC, NKOTB: I took bus there, so can’t really feel the jam.

    Tummythoz: Enjoy the food there!

    Cutie: LOL, yeah, the prawn was kinda lonely there.

    Ginger: Thanks for visiting! Will jump over later.

    Boo, Mei yen: Write it down in your book. 🙂

    Coketai: Will still feature Ipoh food but maybe not that frequent lah.

    BBO: Where’s that place? Still operating?

    Tankiasu: Heh, not much on food? Then what did you post?

    Precious Pea: Err, “will not” or “will” try?

    Durianberry: It’s yummy, really!

  4. Tummythoz: We’ll be waiting 🙂

    WMW: Share share lah. 😛

    LotsOfCravings: There wasn’t any light above me, that’s why it’s not clear.

    XLB: Bad girl. 😦

    Jackson: Of course no lah. I went with someone else.

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