Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!

Assam House @ Greentown, Ipoh


I’ll be going back to Ipoh this coming Friday night. Still thinking of what to cook to submit for Babe_KL’s Merdeka Open House Celebration, then I thought of asking my mom to teach me how to prepare her delicious home made nasi lemak. There might be a number of bloggers who participate will prepare this dish too, so I was thinking to make the “ham kou” (kuih masin) but that is a Chinese dish. -_-~ I guess I’ll stick with nasi lemak then.

It’s been some time since I did any review on Ipoh’s eatery, so I’m gonna post up this today. Visited this restaurant on my trip back last month. It’s already near 3pm when we arrive, so we are the only customers. After much menu flipping and whispering, we placed our order:

I don’t take most of the seafood so I ordered the ‘Nai Yau’ Mantis Prawn (RM 9.90). The mantis prawns were crispy at the outside while still retain its succulent and juicy flesh inside with hint of buttery taste.

We also had the Satay Chicken as recommended by the waitress (RM 10.90). We found that the meat were insufficiently marinated and too tough, while the satay sauce was not good enough, tastes rather bland and lack the “oommph” somehow. If you’re to dine here, you might want to omit this dish.

Sadly, the Ma Po Beancurd is not good either (RM 6.90). I have no idea how an authentic Ma Po beancurd should tastes like except spicy but this one is sour and spicy. And the sour, it’s not like the chef added vinegar or other sourish dressings. It’s more like the fermented taste came from some ingredients which are not fresh. But since we were so hungry, we didn’t bother to complain and at the end, we left most of it, untouched. Very disappointing dish

Last but not least, Stir-fry ‘Nai Bai’ vegetable with dried shrimps (RM 7.90). Pretty ok with this, just a simple vegetable dish.

The sub-total for the dishes, 3 rice, 1 titbits and 3 person’s Chinese tea came up to RM 44.40 and RM 2.22 tax. That’s RM 46.62. And guess what, they added an extra charge so-called “Rounding”, RM0.03, make it total RM46.65! We were like “What the heck! How come they charge us extra?!” One of my friend actually asked the workers in a frustrated manner but none of them gave any response. He then paid the amount and claim that he won’t visit the place again in the future.

The 3 cents aren’t the problem actually as it’s not a big amount of money but it is the business ethnic that matters. It’s just not fair to extra charge the customers, simply because they want to make the calculation easier or because they ran out of 8 cents. Imagine how much they earn if they collect 3 cents from each table in one day.

Assam House Restaurant
29, Persiaran Greentown 4,
Pusat Perdagangan Greentown,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-243 7851

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