Wings Musicafé @ Times Walk, KL

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Another backdated post with sucky pictures! Came here on 11st of June with two friends for supper after several rounds of debate. Arrived, parked the car and another round of debate on “Which one?”. 3 to 4 cafés with similar concept and 3 indicisive creatures. That’s why. I chose this finally and I think I did the right decision.

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Miss ML had the Iced Sour Plum (RM 6.90) and I wondered why it’s red in colour.

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I went for Iced Chocolate Milk (RM 11.50!). I think this one in overpriced with little ice cubes given.

Itching for something to munch but we don’t want to stuff our tummy so much, so we opted for some snacks. The waitress told us that there’s a promo set for 3 snack platter priced at RM 22.00 and we took that. We had:

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Onion Rings. Quite ordinary, but the servings is enough for 3 person.

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Crinkle Cut French Fries.

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And Deep Fried Spring Rolls. Lee love this a lot. I found that it’s not too greasy, nice.

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The glutton inside me just can’t being satisfied with snacks, so I also had the Cheezy Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice (RM 9.90). I like this a lot! Somehow, the combination of melted cheese and black pepper gravy seem to blend along very well with the succulent piece of marinated chicken meat. But I think they should add some veggies to it. That will make me feel less guilty. Bwahahahah… 😛

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There’s a live band performing here every night (that’s why it’s called Musicafé), which in my opinion, is much better than those from Halo Café. If you’re looking for a not-too-noisy place to chill out, relax with a your pals and a couple of good music in Chinese, Malay and English, I’ll recommend this.

Wings Musicafé, Times Walk KL
No. 16, Jalan Kampung Dollah
Off Jalan Pudu
(Next to Berjaya Times Square)
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel/Fax: 03-2144 3309

19 thoughts on “Wings Musicafé @ Times Walk, KL

  1. Haven’t been here but had been to Halo Cafe several times for young crowd watching. V always make sure to sit far far away from d singers & speaker system. =)

  2. Have you heard of Breeze Cafe in Ipoh? Heard that it’s quite a popular cafe now in Ipoh. It’s behind Ritz Garden Hotel in Jalan Yong Kalsom.

  3. Tonixe: Hahaha. If I didn’t keep the receipt, I would have never believe it.

    Tummythoz: There’s one time we sat right in front of the singer in Ipoh! Can feel there’s many pairs of eyes looking at us too. 😛

    God of Foods: Yeah, can find almost the same stuff around.

    Kay: Hi, thanks for stopping by. I think they have chicken wings but I have no idea how they cook them. Their rice dishes sounds kinda special to me.

    SC: *blush* Don’t know where all the things I ate went to. I’m still slim!

    Simon: Hello, welcome to Ipoh Mali. Yes, I been there once just for drinks. It’s quite crowded at weekends. So are you from Ipoh too?

    MeiYen: You’re most welcome!

  4. “69”? That’s an, uhm, interesting name for a cafe. And yalar… iced choc milk costing more than a plate of chicken chop? Wah, imported chocolate milk issit? 😛

  5. WMW: I have yet to go back to visit other place.

    Jackson: Yeah, I saw that too. Let’s go there together one day!

    Kenny: Hahahah! What are you thinking?? 😛 Can’t taste any special about the chocolate drink. Don’t think it’s imported lar.

  6. Christine: Hello, welcome to my blog. I never been to Seri Kembangan before, any nice food there? Thanks for the compliment, do come back again.

    Durianberry: I like their chicken chop rice too. Maybe will revisit them to try out their other stuff.

    LovelyMummy: Ok, do try and let us know how you think about their food ya!

    Precious Pea: Yeah! When shall we do another round of budget night? I can come over to PJ!

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