070707, Part 2 – Storming Pudu ‘Wai Sik Kai’

On the day when the floggers planned to have dinner at Sek Yuen which is famous for it’s Pat Poh Ngap (8 Treasures Duck), I guess most of them didn’t realise it was actually 7th of July, 2007 (070707). Special day for foodcrawl indeed!

Now if you’re wondering, there will be no Part 1 of the itinerary which is Sek Yuen itself as I have something to attend to and no choice but to listen how good the darn duck tastes like. *sniffs, knock head*

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But anyway, I managed to joins in the fun at the second round of food hunting at Pudu ‘Wai Sik Kai’ which is just a stone up ahead from Sek Yuen and behind the Pudu post office. As I’m the last person to arrive, I found that most of them were already start placing their orders and taking pictures. *Clockwise direction: Me, Pam, Boolicious, Tummythoz, Phitoy, Meng Kiat (Tummythoz’s friend), Lyrical Lemongrass, Paprika, Joe, Jackson, Precious Pea and hubby and WMW.*

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The Sotong Kangkung is already half eaten when I took this! Should be nice I guess.

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The dish that everyone kept praising about, Fried Chicken.

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Not sure what type of porridge is this…

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Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Another worth trying dish, we actually ordered two servings. And I know it’s good as I watching WMW actually slurp and lick the plate clean. She’s a chee cheong fun fans, remember?

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I decided to order something as I haven’t eat yet and stumbled with Pam at a stall selling tauhu bakar (grilled beancurd). Drizzled with thick prawn paste and topped with crushed peanuts and dried cuttlefish, it looks like rojak but believe me, one bite of this delish stuff will perk up even the most jaded soul.

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Caught Jackson at another stall, he’s about to order the boiled cockles and I take the pic of the stall when the owner said to a uncle sat nearby; “I think I must be on the wanted list laa, everyone seem to be taking photos of me.” The uncle and I just gave him a big grin. *GRIN*

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More food were on the table when I returned… Such as this Pepper and Pig Intestines Soup.

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I went for Chao Koay Kak (Fried turnip cake) with egg. Before I could land my chopsticks on it, the others point their cameras on it and before long, the plate was at the other side of the table.. LOL!

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Same goes for my Ais Kacang too. Too pretty not to be photographed ya?

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Em… Steamed Turnip cake with curry gravy. Another award winning dish. At first sight, I thought it was another plate of CCF! Hahahah!

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Can’t actually resist to take a shot of the others while they were busy with their camera or food. 😀

Pudu Wai Sik Kai
A back lane behind Pudu Post Office
Open at night only.

Other review:

*to be continued*

22 thoughts on “070707, Part 2 – Storming Pudu ‘Wai Sik Kai’

  1. Incredible, how do you actually write such a looooong post in a single article ??? Anyway … good to be back …(for me I mean) … and hope to churn out more foods… yeah MORE FOOD !!!!

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass: I shall record it down next time for you ma’am. Or we could sit nearer. Haha.

    Timothy: Hey, welcome back bro! Yeah, more food! By the way, are you going for the Semenyih lunch this Saturday?

    WMW: Hahahah!! I wouldn’t want to write that lar… lick it clean sounds nicer. 😛

    NKOTB: There’s no such thing as ‘too old to eat’ right?

    Durianberry: There’s still much stuff we didn’t managed to try I think. Maybe should go for 2nd trip. 😉

  3. I shall only stare from a distance in envy. I know I’ve wanted to join you guys too many times di for a foodcrawl but never seem to get round it. *sighs*

    Food looks fab as usual. Though I doubt I’d go for the Pig Intestine Soup no matter how big a fan of pepper I am… I know, I know, I don’t know what I’m missing. LOL

  4. Kenny: Take a break and come join us next time. 🙂
    *psst, no worries, I don’t take pig intestines too!*

    Food-Cookies: We shall talk about that this Saturday.. heh. Probably, next week? By the way, how was your sore throat?

    LotsOfCravings: Hahah.. you’re paying full attention to your food!

    Mei Yen: That’s my first time there (not a wai sik kai virgin anymore LOL). Seriously, most of the food there are really nice.

    UnkaLeong: Em.. what’s eng choi?

  5. i thought ur supposed to only post about ipoh food? haha wait…u live in cheras rite? have u seen a cafe named crystal house???? go there makan and review 😛

  6. i eat at tis place since i was a kid! i love da place. u so good wo cos u basically covered everything tat’s famous there. so proud tat at least there r sumbody else who appreciate it.

  7. Anonymous: Hi there, welcome to the blogsphere. Thanks to the other bloggers as well for contributing the food. Where there’s good food, we’ll like them.

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