Kizuna @ Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh

Checking back my old posts…. then I realized this is my first Japanese food review! Well, gotta say that Japanese food (especially nice ones) are quite pricey in Ipoh and for a pity, underpaid worker like me, I certainly can’t have it everyday (maybe just once a month). *Sobs*

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2 days before I left my hometown for KL, Kai Ching (which means ‘chicken essence’ :mrgreen: ) and a few friends threw me a simple farewell dinner at Kizuna, a newly opened Japanese restaurant behind Tesco. It happens that the owner of the establishment is actually a friend of Kai Ching‘s mother.

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The bad thing about dining outside on weekend is the crowds. The restaurant was packed but lucky us since Kai Ching knew the owner, we were only required to wait a while before we finally got ourselves seated. Tee hee hee…

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Whenever Kai Ching stepped into a Japanese restaurant, California Roll (RM4) is a must order item for him. He say that it’s the easiest way to test whether they serve nice food or not. Agree?

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We absolutely love the Unagi Maki (RM20), very flavourful with crispy edges on the perfectly grilled eel. *wipe drools*

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We also had the Agetori no Teriyaki (RM8), a grilled chicken dish marinated with teriyaki sauce. For your information, I’m lost at this point as I got mixed up with those Japanese names for the dishes and I actually had to SMS my sensei to ask her “what is this called?”, “what does this mean?” and so on. But since “Tori” means bird, so I know I got this dish’s name correct. *giggles*

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Like Xiu Long Bao, I don’t usually go for soba cos they don’t look appetising to me but that night, I had this Zarusoba (RM12). My premonition was right. The soba is too plain for my liking but it’s a big portion though.

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San Ten Moriawase (RM33.80). I hope I got the name right as we had an extra item which is not in the menu and I think that I might got them mixed up. I’ve always try to avoid sashimi as I’m not a fan of raw fish but the salmon and tuna fillets were really fresh! We happily lick the plate clean.

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If my memory serves me right, this is Kaisennabe, deep fried puffer fish. We actually did ask the waitress, what is this and she reply “It’s a deep fried fish, which have many thorns on its body”. So I assume it’s puffer. Or is it balloon fish??

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Still crave for sashimi, the chef cum restaurant owner recommended us something that doesn’t appear in the menu. A combination of three different sashimi. I only remember there’s mackerel in it and totally forgotten the other two. I still prefer salmon than this.

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I quite like the Nama Haru Maki. Zucchini (Japanese cucumber) and omelette strips wrapped with cabbage leaves and drizzled with light mayo dressing and topped with fish roe. It’s slightly sweet, while the mayo dressing gave it an extra tangy flavour. Oishii!

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Our Kushiyaki Moriawase came the last. It’s basically chicken meat, pork and gizzards skewered and barbequed with onions and garlic pulps. Not really fantastic as I don’t take internal organs.

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As we’re approaching to the end of our gastronomic journey for the night, the chef came over to our table and we had a brief conversation with him. He speaks in Hokkien with Kai Ching, so we don’t really understand what are they talking about. And later on, he actually showed us the ingredients or the seafood he use for his dishes… different types of colourful fishes (which makes me ponder whether they’re poisonous or not, LOL) and this…. a scary looking shellfish! Is it geoduck? I ask Kai Ching what’s the name of that creature but he don’t know the English name.

Overall, Kizuna does a pretty good Japanese fare, but I prefer the one inside Kinta City Shopping Mall which is much pricey compare to Kizuna.

p/s: Thanks again to you guys for the great meal!

Kizuna Japanese Restaurant
Jalan Medan Ipoh 8,
Ipoh Garden East,
(behind Tesco Hypermarket)
31400 Ipoh.

31 thoughts on “Kizuna @ Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh

  1. MeiYen: Now only I know that sashimi can be that nice!

    NKOTB: Moritomo inside Kinta City serves better Japanese food but much more expensive.

    AlexPikachu: Hi, welcome to Ipoh Mali! I saw the mag cover you designed for Jackson, very nice!

  2. looks like you’re still a errrm “virgin” with many food :p nevermind… you’ll have all your chances now with the floggers around. yes dat beastly looking thing is called geoduck

  3. LotsOfCravings: Unagi – no sauce. Now you know the standard in Ipoh as this is consider nice already.

    Babe_KL: Haha, yeah, still veli de “virgin”. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for the confirmation.

  4. How was d puffer fish? Never had before. Think I’ve not even tried sea urchins before. I’m still learning to appreciate sashimi. I still don’t like wasabe. =P

  5. Girl_Girl: Yes, it’s behind the Smartshop.

    Tummythoz: Taste pretty ordinary, like usual deep fried fish but firmer texture. Sashimi and wasabi – high5! I don’t think I had any wasabi that night.

  6. lolz the unagi maki looks good…the soba noodles need sauce wan lar….its suppose to be served on a bed of ice with a bowl of soy sauce , some tempura crispy batter bits, spring onion and raw squail egg. Thats what i call a complete soba meal : )

    puffer fish??? how much is that??? OMG!! Thats the first time i hear puffer fish is served in Msian jap restaurants o.o

    well to me there are a few ways to test how good jap restaurant chefs are. Eat their sushi or temaki like u said. How they prepare the rice, texture and “mouth-feel” of the rice…hand must be cold when shaping the rice and the shaped rice must not feel too compacted. (Sushi King’s is like rock : P)

    How the chef cut the raw fish slab is also another way to test the skill. But so far I havent try those really authentic ones to justify this : P

    Uni / sea urchin – sweet but fishy smell kinda empowering…dun really like…

    had 1 piece of geoduck b4 at some other place. Its so super hard like rubber. I think they over-blanched it in hot water : P

    : ) am I qualified to be part of the Japanese Makan Club?

  7. Jian: I added the soy sauce to the noodle already but still bland. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Then my soba is not complete la!

    If I didn’t mistaken, it’s puffer lor. Kinda expensive, around RM30+ for a small serving.

    Sounds like you’re expert in Japanese food eh? My friend say that usually if you bite the california roll and found that the seaweed “liat”, then be prepare for a bad meal ahead lol.

    I don’t think I’ll ever try the geoduck lor.. unless I don’t know what it is when it’s served. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Haha, yeah, you’re qualified to be part of Lyrical Lemongrass’ Japanese Food Kawan Association. ^^

  8. i found it already n i dine there last sat. the food was quite ok except the udon and the service .. sorry to say tat really bad. i ordered my food at 7.45pm and i wait till 8.45pm to get my food when i add some dishes in between before my food came i wait my last dishes till 940. i dunno wat happen and the table behind me came last also get their foood already. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it’s a bad day.

  9. Girl_Girl: Sorry to hear that. I guess they can’t cope with the crowds especially on weekends, just like many other dining places. But thanks for telling us about your experience.

  10. oh….the soba noodles don’t use the ‘shoyu’ on the table wan : P they have another type of shoyu speacially for soba : ) and u dip the noodles a lil into the cup of sauce then slurp it! mwahahaha…syok….

    california roll shud feel crunchy when u bite : ) as in the seaweed. (must have the ‘shrop’ ‘shrop’ sound and comes off at first bite) kekekeke
    if liat means its been made for quite some time ady izzit? : P

    Hahaha Japanese Food Kawan Association…chairperson welcome me anot? lolz…

  11. Jian: There’s a shoyu came with the soba but looked similar like those on the table. “Liat” ah… my friend say cos the seaweed is wet wor.

    Dun worry, you just need to submit your application can dy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. yeah ive been to tat restaurant lately…….its such a wonderful restaurant i would say….prices r reasonable for a japanese restaurant hehe….

  13. Oohh..someone actually did a review for Kizuna. Well, frankly speaking, if you’re used to dining at the Jap restaurant inside Kinta City, I’m sure you’ll find many familiar faces working at Kizuna. Food standard has dropped a lot in Moritomo and I can attest to this having ate there for nearly 4 years. They used to have this Malay guy who made the perfect beef steak bento he’s gone to god knows where.

    I can still recall the other night when a lot of key items from the Moritomo so yes, besides the sashimi and no-brainer stuff like tempura, sushi and rolls.. everything else is inedible. Oh well, to each to their own. At least being in KL I’ve found better Jap restaurants to eat ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Ex Ipoh Girl: Hi there! It’s been aeons since my last visit to Moritomo, say about 4 years probably. Hence, I’ve no idea about their standard dropped to such point, thanks for telling us!

  15. Hi, I’m from Ipoh too. Tried Kizuna, the food is quite good & pricing are just like KL’s Jap restaurant. Since you are now in KL, perhaps you can try Rakuzen in Sunway Pyramid or the main shop in Subang Jaya, just opposite SJMC. It’s even better!

  16. Apeng: Hi there! Yeah, I’ve been hearing lots of good comments from Rakuzen as well. I think I might go for their Sunday buffet at Chulan Square as well. Thanks for dropping by!

  17. i went there last week with a friend…. it totally disappointed me because the service was too bad!! do we look like teenagers that they treated us like small kids n reluctant to serve us?… the attitude of few servers are bad…. one of them was my ex-schoolmate which threw these words to me when i entered the restaurant: “what?! I can’t find eat (wan sek) at here 1 ah?”….. another one seems more willing to serve the table next to us but pay attention to us rarely… when i just parked my car in front of their shop, before even i step down from my car, few servers were already opened the door and peeping us and then closed again….. for me, the food quality are just in okay level but i think that it is too expensive….

    i’m not sure what’s exactly not right but me n my friend just felt that we were not being served nicely.. as you know, students from hotel management are very particular about service… and to my surprise, it was a friday night which i thought that there would be crowded but it were only few tables of guest there… did the quality of the restaurant had fall down since its opening in 2 years ago?

    when compared to Kampai near old Ocean, Kampai was totally a better japanese restaurant. i went there last month with a large group of friends to celebrate one’s birthday. we found that the menu was much more creative and diversified, the prices were more reasonable. we went there on a weekday night but the customers are totally more than kizuna. and they did not get irritated to serve a large, naughty and noisy group like us. and the food served is really mouth-watering… the seaweed salad is recommended ๐Ÿ™‚
    bro, i think you should pay a visit over there and take a look at its menu, which me and my friends took a long time to decide on what to be ordered ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. yr kaisennabe picture why no look like nabe?
    if i not wrong tat is fugu age.kaisennabe mean is seafood hot pot,also can say tat is seafood steamboot.

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