Short Hiatus… Will Be Back Soon

Hi, in case you’re wondering, I will be working in KL on 11st June. So, in the meantime, I’m packing my stuff to bring over to my new home in Cheras including my computer. But at the moment, there’s no Streamyx service at my new home yet, so you probably won’t get any updates for a period of time. I will try my best to get my blog on the track again as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Dear KL floggers, here I come! 😛

29 thoughts on “Short Hiatus… Will Be Back Soon

  1. Yeah! Another Cheras food blogger…*cheers* I got another kaki to makan with, you won’t mind don’t you? Wondering which part of Cheras though..hahaha (Welcoming with wide arms open!) 😉

  2. I just discovered your blog and it’s so nostalgic! My birth place, and where I came from. I remember my grans and great gran aunt used to take me along when they dined in Hoong Tho. I remember the crispy noodle with seafood. I was very young but often reminded about this place each time we met. I don’t remember much about Ipoh, as I left this town when I was a very young child. My last visit to this town was 2 years ago. The airport is darn small but, very cozy and warm. I had some fried noodle in the airport and it tasted fantastic! I now you probably think I’m crazy, eh?( any cook from Malaysia, their cooking taste better no matter how they cook it compare to others. (Only apply to those who stay away from Malaysia for some time)I love it! I hope I’m right, Hoong Tho is starfruit, right? Kai Si Gor is Guava of today, right? Karleh Chue Pei is curry porkskins and Sak-Na-Tao is licehead right? Born there but not raised there. Heart is always there..sniff..sniff.., I miss Ipoh!

  3. Anonymous: Was excited to see your comment here, welcome back to Ipoh Mali! By the way, starfruit is Yeong Thou. Hope you’ll drop by again, it’s great to see another Ipohan here. 🙂

    Jackson: LOL, thanks!

    Durianberry: Thanks. Em, I have no idea where’s the pasar malam yet wor, you know?

    Mark: Thanks, let’s go for food hunt sometime!

    Jian: on’t worry, of course I will 😛

    Jacelyn: Will still blog on Ipoh food, don’t worry cos I still have some back-dated pictures yet to be post.

  4. Namamia, I thought Hoong Tho is starfruit. Yeah, you are right, Yeong Tho is starfruit after many phonecalls to my relatives to confirm my embarassment. Oops.. =)

    Two years ago when I was back in Ipoh, I was amazed to see a shopping mall next to my old school. It used to be a kindergarten when I left. I used to cross across to this all male school to collect lovely white stones from the cemetry for my 7 stones ( yupp, during my childhood, my friends and I played 7 stones instead of 5). Nevertheless, my school was still around when I was there and I pointed to my relatives where I sat on my first day in school. That classroom faces the main road till now, I think.

    My stay in Ipoh wasn’t great because Casuarina was fully booked, and we were pushed to stay in Syeunn, Syenn, Seyuen Hotel (don’t remeber exactly the spelling though). It was a horrible hotel,,eew! Hope to read more of your adventures in your blog. Take care. Annonista

  5. Welcome to KL, bro!!! 😀

    Can’t wait to catch up with you and the other floggers. And hey, I got a cutie from Seremban to introduce to you; she’s a blogger too! I’ve sung your praises to high heaven di some more… 😉

  6. Anonymous: You must be referring to Main Convent School which is next to Ipoh Parade and opposite Sam Tet School. Wah, you girls actually played stones??
    The hotel is Syuen, yeah, it’s kinda horrible at the inside but it does look majestic at the outside though… hahaha.
    Hope to hear from you again.

    Kenny: Thank you! OMG, is she is KL too? Aha, what praises did you mentioned ar? 😛

  7. tankiasu: LOL, I just found out that I haven’t upload my bakdated photos… and my pc is short of Photoshop as well… Uuuu… anyone wanna donate me the program??

  8. Hey hey, you might just a bit too late. Her mom also join in the matchmaker business and passed her HP to a possible suitor. Chiong ngo keh sang yi. But it is her mom, after all, so…

    I got Photoshop if you want. Version 6.0 though, I hardly upgrade. You want? Get me number from wmw or Lyrical Lemongrass lah.

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