Ipoh Food Hunt in Collaboration with CokeWorld Citizen and The Gastronomic Diary, 3rd-4th May (Part 1)

Warning: This is a back-dated post. πŸ˜†

Before the floggers gathering at Sandias on 27th April 07, I was informed by Jian that she’ll make a stopover in Ipoh with Durianberry on 3rd of May while on the way back to Penang from KL, and my first response was like “Cool, let’s go for food hunt!”

The girls arrive on 3rd May afternoon and went for some “jalan jalan” (walking) session on their own. I picked the girls at McDonalds at night and thus, began our food hunting for the night!

** Ipoh Food Hunt: 3rd May, Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street) **
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Upon our arrival, we were a bit disappointed cos the lower part of the stalls were closed. Nevertheless, I parked my car, got down, walked for some short distance while browsing through the stalls and before long, they say they wanna eat beef noodle.

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First stop… Forgotten the stall number. It’s next to the stall selling “lolo” (closed as well). And the uncle who runs the stall has a pretty sad looking face…

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Honestly, I have no idea what are in the bowl except for the hor fun (flat rice noodle) as I don’t (really) eat beef. The girls shared one bowl among themselves. Their comments: The soup is sweet but somehow tastes funny. The beef were NOT tender enough. (correction made by Jian)

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We moved on to another stall for another round of beef noodle! Stall Cheong Kee, No. 47.

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As usual, the hor fun.

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The beef came but beef pork balls were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, the pork balls are not given together with the noodle, it have to be ordered separately and it costs RM0.40 per piece. (Picture taken after the pork balls were added in). I think they prefer the this one. (According to Jian, the beef parts were really succulent and tender, so thumbs up!)

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Jian was super happy while she’s stirring her “ching po leong”, she found an hard-boiled quail egg! According to her, it’s almost impossible to find that with “ching po leong” in Penang.

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After 2 bowls of beef noodle, the girls wanna go for something else! Guess that floggers do have a same characteristic: Glutton! And while we’re walking to the other end of the street… we spotted something exotic… “ubi bakar” (roast sweet potatoes) and meat dumplings on the wheel!

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We’re just standing there taking photos… No intention to try them as we wanna save some space in our stomach for something else. Can you see the piles of sweet potatoes?

** Ipoh Food Hunt: 3rd May, Man U Food Court **
Someone must be really in love with Manchester United until he/she named this food court Man U. As a Man U supporter, Durianberry can’t resist to take a shot at the main entrance which is just opposite Tong Sui Kai… LOL.

Once you sat down, 2 workers from 2 different stalls will approach you. One is from the usual drink counter while another one with laminated menu is from the dessert counter. You can choose which one you like, no obligation.

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Jian and Durianberry shared a bowl of ais kacang, topped with ice cream! But I would prefer the ice shavings to be higher πŸ˜›

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Since they ordered the ais kacang, I try their Mango Tango. Ice shavings, topped with plenty of mango cubes and mango puree but the mangoes somehow were not sweet enough for my tastebuds.

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Now’s my turn to have my dinner hahaha. Wat tan hor (fried flat rice noodle with egg swirl broth), some places like KL call it Cantonese style fried noodle. It’s full of “wok hei” (breath of the wok) and yummylicious. Finish everything include the broth!

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Also ordered the egg skin popiah and glad that they like it. They told me that Penang popiah tend to break loose once you pick them up with chopsticks but this one is wrapped tightly enough and still bursting with ingredients.

While eating, we planned for tomorrow’s outing… Like breakfast at Foh San, shopping for “heong peah”, salt baked chicken etc. But something happened and I missed the “dim sum”! *soooooobb*

*to be continued

22 thoughts on “Ipoh Food Hunt in Collaboration with CokeWorld Citizen and The Gastronomic Diary, 3rd-4th May (Part 1)

  1. Er…The first stall beef noodle was bad. Soup salty and inards (ngau lam/guts? and ngau kan/tendons?) not tender enuf. The 2nd stall was good. Sweeter soup and tender inards…the ‘ngau kan’ is melt in ur mouth type. really good. So Jason dai lou, you mix up lar! lolz…We like the 2nd stall and they are pork balls not beef balls. hahaha

    aiyoh i really wanted to makan the ‘pillow dumpling’ lar…god forbids me to eat so much : P

    i am still wondering if the ice kacang is actually added with santan. lolz…

    ching poh leong good lar…u can smell the quail egg in the sweet cooling dessert…unfortunately pg takda d.

  2. Jian: Eh.. really ar? Ok ok… will change that later. Aiyo, that’s almost 4 weeks ago, can’t remember liao. Don’t think the ais kacang got santan lar… they used the evaporated milk de. Next time come here, have ching po leong again πŸ™‚

    WMW: LOL… sure! But when do you wanna come eh?

  3. thong sui kai, was there early this month (when i didnt manage to meet u 😦 ). too bad that i missed the egg skin popiah as i didnt noticed that it was served at the hawker stalls opposite thong sui kai 😦

  4. SC: The popiah stall is in Man U food court… the only popiah stall there. Next time you’re there, can contact me la. Got my number?

    LotsOfCravings: I’m drooling over yours as well, especially after those new larger pictures! Be patient, I’m trying my best to post more frequently. πŸ˜†

    MeiYen: Go get your fix, girl. Especially in these hot weather πŸ˜›

  5. wow, go food hunt with leng lui….u really can snap good photos. ur pic especially those ais kacang and Mango Tango really make me mouth-watering. btw, to inform u that i’ve completed ur tag.

  6. Jacelyn: Thanks! But usually the food turn cold after snapping hahaa… Ok, hopping over for the tag.

    Lovelymummy: Hi, thank you for visiting. I guess all Ipoh foodies are started to gather around eh? LOL

  7. ya, i realised that the popiah was at Man U after i returned :(. yup, got your hp no, will call u when i’m in ipoh next time (but then again, aren’t u coming to kl to work in june?)

  8. would love to but…. you know, i’ve been eating alot alot and alot of sweet stuff lately… looks like it’s time for me to go on a diet 😦

  9. Teckiee: Pomelo no, but heong peang yes! Lui cha ar, no leh. They never mention about that so do I.

    SC: Yeah, will be in KL next month. Well, if you happened to go Ipoh again and need direction to certain places, can buzz me πŸ™‚

    MeiYen: Drink plenty of water! That’s what I do everytime after a heavy sweet meal.

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