Labour Day – “Pasar Malam” & Old Town Kopitiam

Labour Day, 1st of May… Wesak Day felt on the same day this year and that means a replacement holiday on 2nd of May. Great news for government servants, banks and some private companies but not for me as I’m working on both days.

1st of May was Tuesday and Ipoh Garden East will have pasar malam (night market) on Tuesday nights. A bunch of friends dragged me out to chill out since it’s holiday on the next day and it’s been some time since I went to pasar malam, so why not?

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Far left: Cucur udang (prawn crackers, the thick version), fried fishballs etc.

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The crowds. A stall selling Taiwanese pearl milk tea on the right.

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Aiskrim potong! Sixty cents per piece. Must have this whenever I spotted them.

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They picked a stall and sit down for a bowl of laksa. Laksa stalls are scattered all over the night market and a popular food here. This one tastes spicier and the broth is not so thick.

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Side order of fried wan tan. RM2 for ten pieces. Nice finger food but for me, I like to dunk them into the laksa broth. šŸ˜›

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Fresh fruit juice, anyone?

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Another favourite snack of mine. Apom balik which is the thin and crispy version. Choose from groundnuts, kaya, sweet corn and margarine.

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Salted baked chicken! I wonder if it tastes as good as Aun Kheng Lim…

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Finished our walk, we decided to go for couple of drinks. But why choose Old Town Kopitiam lehh….

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They arranged this for me to snap the photo. Hahaha…

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Photos on the wall above us.

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Back, from left: Nan XiangMilk Coffee, Ice Blended Hazelnut Coffee and Iced Xi Mut Milk Tea. Front: Old Town White Coffee.

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My mouth feeling ‘itchy’, so I ordered the Strawberry Toast. One piece of toast, topped with strawberry puree. The toast is a bit hard but the puree have chunks of strawberries and not overly sweet. Tastes just fine for me. Maybe next time I should try the Blueberry Toast.

18 thoughts on “Labour Day – “Pasar Malam” & Old Town Kopitiam

  1. Fuuyoooohhhh… So many good food in IPOH pasar malam!! Salted baked chicken is alwiz my favourite!! Besides, the Oldtown kopitiam shopfront design looks more happening and eye-catching than those in KL.

  2. you got to work on both da public holidays?! šŸ˜® poor thing… da ice-cream potong used to be my favourite but it’s so hard to spot a stall here at kl nowadays šŸ˜¦

  3. Wahhh!!! So much food!! I love visiting pasar malam when on holidays..feast my eye with food. Hahaha…ya lor..why old town white coffee?? I tot only non-ipohan like us deprived of the original old town white coffee, no?

  4. I love pasar malams too (did a post on Taman Connaught’s one before). Must coincide trip to Ipoh for pasar malam night! Ha ha ha…LLemongrass, you like salt baked chicken? Tried the one from SS2 pasar malam?

  5. Jackson: You want I “tarpau” the salt baked chicken for you when I come to KL? šŸ™‚

    Mei Yen: Yeah, not much holiday for retail line. šŸ˜¦

    Precious Pea: I have no idea too. Maybe they’re craving for old town white coffee at that time…

    WMW: When will you be coming leh?

  6. gosh, i just move into epoh..i really shud visit dat old town white coffee..thanx flogger..u make my monthly allowance bleed again.. add me in the ipohan’s!! bdw, does the old town has the Halal status cuz i’m a Muslim…

  7. moja: You’re welcome. And welcome to my blog šŸ™‚ Er.. I think they’re not HALAL cos I remember they use luncheon meat in the noodles…

    xiu long bao: Haha, will try to do that. Em.. no triple, just double.

  8. What a surprise! It’s so much like the pasar malam in Seri Kembangan. I never fail to buy ais krim potong whenever I see one. Fav is jagung šŸ˜› There are more flavours to choose at your pasar malam. I can’t get coco, peanut or Nescafe. In SK pasar malam also has a stall selling salted chicken. Many people go there to buy (probably to curb their craving for Aun Kheng Lim’s!). There are about 2 or 3 stalls selling laksa as well

  9. Hahaha! I always get aiskrim potong whenever I see the stall at Sg Dua Pasar malam! Lolz, my fav is red bean too :> hohoh laksa also got one stall. The noodles seems to be self made tho. Uneven surface when eating it.

  10. Aiskrim potong rocks! would buy dozens of it and keet it in my fridge.
    everytime went to pasar malam it would be like eating festival la, too temptating and irresistable

  11. Eh eh exactly! Hahaha I will keep eat, eat and eat. After eating this , wanna eat another thing. Hohoho…Anything I see and feel like eating it, i will eat ady. lolz…very bad for a girl.

  12. Jian: I always go there after dinner, so can stop myself from eating too much šŸ˜›

    IpohChai: True lar, like eating festival. Dried meat, fruit juice, “char kuey”, aiskrim potong and popiah are some of the must have items for me šŸ˜›

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