Medan Selera Stadium, Ipoh

After I’m back to Ipoh, I’ve been on an eating spree for almost a week so… my photo library is getting pumped with loads of photos taken for the whole week. And I’m only doing a post in about 3-4 days…. How am I gonna finish reviewing them??

Maybe I should shorten them… But it would be unfair to my loyal readers/bloggers-mate. 😛

April 30th… Got a call around 9pm something from Ken, asking me to accompany him for dinner. Boy, how am I gonna resist that? (eventhough I had my dinner already, the food itch is getting to me) *giggles*

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The hungry one can’t decide where to go, so I drove him to Stadium Perak’s food court, which is located nearby his house. The food court is divided into 2 section, one part is open at daytime and this part is opens only at night. There’s nothing special you ought to find here at daytime. If you wanna come here, come at night.

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1st pic: Carrot Milk. 2nd pic: Orange juice.

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Laksa, from a Malay stall which is also selling satay. Believe it or not, it costs RM1.80 only! Tastes slightly mild but for RM1.80, I’m not complaining. Tried their satay before which is quite good too.

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Ken must be having a real good appetite that day as he also ordered 10 pieces of wan tan. The broth is pretty ordinary, but the wan tan are nicely seasoned with sesame oil and pepper.

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The Penang char kuey teow. There is only one stall serving this and it’s popular with the crowds, so if you’re to order this, be prepare to wait.

Medan Selera Stadium
Located in between Jalan Ghazali Jawi and Lebuh Cecil Rae
Opposite Balai Bomba Ipoh (Ipoh Fire Department)
*Night section will be open by 6pm till midnight

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18 thoughts on “Medan Selera Stadium, Ipoh

  1. wats all dis ka jie biz ar? haha
    hey u shud do a review of the “kam fun”..the wet style char kuey teow wrapped with egg 1..its nearby by kong heng..on another corner shoplot

  2. V shud have come to yr site months ago sorry !
    V do have plenty sentimental feels bout this place,
    afterall one of us was from St Micheel, the other Anderson and last one ACS !
    V shall be back soon !

  3. Ipoh certainly is cheap and good food paradise la. The char kuey teow looks so yummy especially with those huge prawns. U shud have tried Nigel’s char kuey teow dat day, rite?? 😛

  4. LotsOfCravings: Adopted them as my kah jie oredi ^^ (Or they adopted me as didi?)
    “Kam fun”? Never heard that before wor. Waah… sounds delicious, must check them out soon. Thankz for the tip.

    tonixe: Wow… all from premier school huh? Who’re from ACS?? *wink wink*

    Lyrical Lemongrass: Ah.. now you mentioned it, I’m kinda regret leh

  5. Maybe your tummy is trying to stuff you with all d good food in Ipoh before ‘migrating’ over. So clever! Dear Jason’s Tummy, over here there’s much delicious stuff too. With a little help from the floggers, Jason may just need new pants!

  6. Laksa only RM1.80! Wow wow. I know where it is already. Haha. Thanks to you who brought us round and round. I think I’m quite familiar with Ipoh dee ^_^ My parents are going to Ipoh sometime in June, after I told them about the yummy pohpiah and the food stalls that spring up at night. Definitely have to mention to them about this place 🙂

  7. CityGal: I also like the wan tan mee there. Usually will ask them to add extra char siu 😛

    SC: Yeah, hor hee. There’s not much nice stuff there at daytime.

    Tummythoz: Arrrhhh… don’t want the extra weight, want the food only, can ar? LOL

    Durianberry: I think we passed by this area, right? Haha, you’re welcome. Glad that you like the popiah.

    Kimura: Sorry, don’t quite get what you mean…

  8. i miss ipoh soooo muchie~~ i wana go home..sob sob o…u make my hOmesick feeling grew stronger…. i miss ipoH food….*sniff*

  9. ..i miss home home o… i miss mami papa n ipooohhh…
    imnw waiting for summer break…hehe…
    eee…anyway…hello…jason yea…nice to meet u o…

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