KL Trip 27th-29th April: Epilogue – Last Day In KL & Back To Ipoh

This would be my last post on my KL trip. After so much fun meeting all the floggers and foodcrawl, I must admit that I’m kinda reluctant to go back… But I am back, and here am I, in front of my PC… thinking about the wonderful people I’ve met, their smiles and laughter, etc. Time does fly. And it’s already one week passed since the gathering.

Went to clubbing with friends on Saturday night after the foodcrawl but I’m not the clubbing person lah…So, ended up just sitting there whole night with mineral water. LOL.
On Sunday, 29th April… I was at Cheras to meet up with my new boss. Sounds weird ya? Anyway, we’re at this particular dim sum restaurant beside the Public Bank in Yulek/U Lek area. The food are just ok, nothing fantastic and no pictures. You don’t expect me to meet up with my new boss and taking pictures at the same time, right? *grin* Or maybe you did. *bleh*

Rush to KL Convention Centre to deliver something to a friend, then took a walk at Bukit Bintang area. Went to KL Plaza, Lot 10 and Sg. Wang Plaza… Sounds boring… yeah, but no choice as my bus is leaving at 2.50pm. I don’t remember how many times I was going round and round in Sg. Wang Plaza, trying to find the tong sui shop Lyrical Lemongrass reviewed before but failed. And I didn’t think of calling her to ask. Some genius I am.

Anyway, I met up with a friend later and we went to Jalan Imbi for lunch.

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When I saw this shop’s name… I think I read it before from somewhere… My friend tell me that it’s famous for it’s mini egg tarts and my memory instantly refreshed. Apparently, Durianberry went to this same shop for the same stuff but sold out. So does our trip there. It was around 1pm and everything were sold out: egg tarts, siew pow etc.

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I ordered the wan tan mee with char siu. Gosh, it’s been a long time since I had a nice plate of wan tan mee and I must say, the noodle is quite good. Flavourful, not too salty nor bland and just perfectly cooked. I love every strands of the noodle. Toss it a bit and you’ll find bits of lards underneath… hehehe. *wide grin* Can’t find lards in Ipoh’s wan tan mee, you know…

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I was kinda surprised with the wan tan soup as there’s only 4 pieces in the bowl. I scooped them up, just to find more surprises. There are only 2 pieces of wan tan and the other 2 was the wan tan style fish ball which you usually find in hor hee. One bite on the fish ball and I fall in love with it. The ingredient used is not fish paste but minced and seasoned pork! It tastes even better than normal wan tan. I won’t mind if he gave me 4 pieces of the fish ball. 😛

Finish lunch and off I went, back to Ipoh just in time for dinner. Mom didn’t cook so we went out for dinner.

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Went to this restaurant nearby my house. Maybe it’s a long weekend holiday as there’s a lot of cars with Selangor/KL number plates parked there. And the restaurant’s packed with customers.

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Like Jackson always said “Your meal is not complete without the cili padi (bird’s eye chillies)!”

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Part of the crowds.

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Sizzling Beancurd. This is the first time I see they use one whole block of beancurd for this dish. The outer skin is a bit over-fried and there’s no egg underneath it. But it’s still good anyway.

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Sweet and Sour Pork. The meat are a bit tough, need to chew more before can swallow it… LOL.

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The Specialty Roast Chicken. The meat are juicy and nicely cooked but I feel that they baked it instead of roasting it. There’s some jellyfish at the right, see them?

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Stir-Fry Belacan Kangkung. Nicely done, full of “wok hei” and just have the right amount of belacan and spiciness.

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Steamed fish… Totally forgotten what’s the name of the fish. Similar like pak sou kung (ikan keli). The fish itself was very fresh, juicy and no muddy smell.

Total bill came up to RM90++ for 5 person which I think is a bit….. pricey. 🙂

Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Weng Hing
Located at the junction between Jalan Imbi and Jalan Barat
Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Hoy Tin Lau
*no address available as there’s no street sign*

18 thoughts on “KL Trip 27th-29th April: Epilogue – Last Day In KL & Back To Ipoh

  1. hey the weng hing place is famous for their pork balls noodle..damn expensive..5-6rm a bowl 1..i didnt know they serve wantan mee..must b damn long d..the chee cheong fun is good..use to go there very often..but often i go there tapau

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass: It’s ok, can go next time. Me too!

    Timothy: No problem if it’s in May as I’ll be working in KL next month. 😀

    LotsOfCravings: I saw the pork ball noodle and chee cheong fun too but I’m craving for wan tan mee that day. Will try them out again next time as well as the egg tarts.

    xiu long bao: Your wish has been granted! I’ll be in KL from June ^^

  3. Don’t be sad Jason, you will be in KL pretty soon.

    Err..that specialty roast chicken, the left hand bottom of your photo, isn’t that chicken backside? Hahahaha…who ate it? In KL, seldom see that cos they would normally throw it away.

  4. Whoa, really moving over here? Then no more hillcity youth serum-or. How to maintain the 15yo (fbb mentioned that, rite?)looks? Anyway, welcome! Welcome! The city can do very well with another good looking bloke on the block!

  5. jason, you’ll be working in KL soon? aiyo, then you cant bring me cari makan kat ipoh dy..:(.. but glad you can join many more food crawls in KL in the near future 🙂

  6. Precious Pea: Ehh… you noticed it?? Hahaha.. I guess nobody ate it… maybe ^^

    MeiYen: No problem as there will be chances in the future. 😉

    xiu long bao: Yeap…. bring me for foodcrawl when I’m there, k?

    Tummythoz: 15yo looks?? Wah… FBB really gave me lots of credit leh *blush* Thanks!

    SC: I will back to Ipoh, probably once a month. Maybe we should organise a 1 day Ipoh foodcrawl trip together!

  7. Kekeke..this Restoran Weng Hing is right opposite my church. But I seldom eat there as it is usually super-packed on Sundays, and the price is pretty steep too.

  8. Babe_KL: Yeah.. I’m coming to join the KL gluttons 😛

    Tankiasu: I think the egg tarts and siew pow worth to try… Go try them and tell us about it!

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