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KL Trip 27th-29th April: Prologue – Floggers Gathering @ Sandias, Plaza Damansara


First and foremost, a million thanks to boo_licious for inviting me to join the first large scale food bloggers (floggers) gathering which took place at Sandias, Plaza Damansara last Friday (27th April), tagged along with RSVP event presented by KLue and Martell.

It was around 7.50pm and the restaurant was already packed with bloggers. Among the familiar faces I recognised were Jackson, KampungBoyCityGal, Joe, tankiasu and MeiYen. Then comes a pretty girl in cyan polo shirt, introduced herself as Teckiee (hahaha) and next was “tai kah jie” aka Big Sister, WMW.

The seats at the middle are fully occupied, so I just took mine at one corner nearby the kitchen and guess what… Tummythoz and Mark were just next to me! The rest who shared the same table as mine were Phitoy, Fezzaboy (Kington) and Cookies_Cream.

Chocolate in small box. Nigel commented that the box looks like condom… Hahahaha~~!

My appetizer: Taquitos Fritos – hand rolled tortillas filled with shredded chicken strips seasoned with cilantro and onions, garnished with fresh cream, salsa verde and lettuce. It is supposed to be served with cheese too but where is it??? The others commented that the tortillas are a bit oily but I find it to be just fine.

Tummythoz’s appetizer: Sopa de Calabaza Con Salsa – creamy pumpkin soup with a dollop of pico de gallo salsa. They actually served the wrong appetizer for her as she also opted for the tortilla rolls but she decided to accept it.

Main course: Pollo a la Castellana – sautéed and braised quarter chicken, topped with a rich sauce of nuts, fennel and dried chilli seeds. The sauce was nice but the chicken were a bit dry. I would say I enjoy the sauce and seeds more. The rice and veggies were bland too.

Dessert: Postre Helado de Limon – layered gallet and frozen lime cream, accompanied by strawberry couli. I guess they added an extra scoop of ice cream for us but mine…. as you can see, it’s already melted when it reaches to me.

Free flow of cocktail with some juice and Martell. No idea what juice was that but it tastes like peach…

As promised, there will be no group and individuals photos posted here as most of them wanna remain discreet. =)

It was really fun to get together with so many people who share the same passion and interest on food. They’re so friendly and nice! To those who came over to introduce yourself, (the list include Teckiee, KampungBoyCityGal, Cookies_Cream, Babe_KL, Xiu Long Bao & Char Siew Bao, Timothy aka Tim and SC) I would like to say thank you and I really appreciate them. Oh, not to forget Adly for the lovely book too!

As the gathering dismissed around 11pm, some of us went to The Attic at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar for second round of get-together session. And as promised by Nigel, each of us we treated to a slice of Nigel & Allan’s best seller cake, the Choc & Cheese which tastes absolutely marvelous!

The only clear picture of my portion due to dim lighting at The Attic. If not because I drank too much water before the cake tasting session, I would grab the last remaining piece too! LOL

Honestly, I’m glad that I made it to the gathering. It was like once in a lifetime experience to meet the floggers and make new friends. Although the meal was just average, the companionship is what makes the difference to the whole idea of floggers gathering.

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The Attic
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Kuala Lumpur.
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