Pusat Makanan Chha Yong, Ipoh Garden South

Argh… Sleepy and tired. I’ve been helping to move my current office to a new location since last Thursday and we’re just back on track yesterday! Moving has never been so tiring.. zZzZz…

*Part One*
Ok, back to food. The weather last Friday was terribly hot, so I ordered my favourite drink to cool myself down at lunch.

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Ais Kacang with gula melaka. Hehehe…

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Reverse view. I was so excited when the auntie place this in front of me. It was so colourful with plenty of toppings, and lifted my mood immediately. The only problem – the coconut milk is a bit thick though.

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My colleague and I decided to go for single servings of stir-fry (“siu chau”) dishes from this stall which I’ve been eating since I worked here one year ago. Of all the “siu chau” stalls in this area, this stall is my favourite.

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My Kum Heong Lai Liu Har (Mantis Prawn) Rice. The mantis prawns are battered, then deep fried and stir-fry with dried shrimps, curry leaves, garlic, onions and curry paste. Tastes heavenly but the portion is a bit small for the price of RM4.00. Oh by the way, although I don’t eat seafood, ‘lala’, mantis prawn and fish are the exceptions 😛

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My colleague’s Siew Yuk (roasted pork) with Bittergourd Rice. I didn’t try it as I don’t like bittergourd. She commented that it’s really nice and full of “wok hei”.

*Part Two*
One of the colleagues from another outlet came to lend us a hand last Sunday and we went for lunch/break at the same place, again 😛

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Many people dislike the taste of Sarsi cos they commented that it tastes like cough syrup but I prefer it more than Coke or Pepsi. This time, the three of us decided to go for their set meal. Price at RM20.00, the set includes 3 dishes and 1 soup of the day. Sound reasonable. =)

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I don’t quite remember which set we chose (there are 4 sets available and the dishes varies except the soup). The first dish presented before us is the Sweet Sour Deep Fried Fish Fillets. Perfect for lazy eaters like me!

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Steamed White Beancurd with Choy Pou and Minced Pork. This tastes a bit salty due to the amount of soy + dark soy sauce but goes well with rice.

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Stir-Fry Pak Choy with Garlic. The chef added some chopped gei ji (wolfberries) in it which enhance the sweetness of the veggie. Although I find it weird, but it tastes great.

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I don’t really remember what soup we had that day. I think it was some type of preserved vegetable soup with pork because the soup tastes a bit at the salty side.

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A brief view of the dishes we had that day. 😛 Besides “siu chau”, the chicken/siew yuk/char siew rice and stuffed chee cheong fun with pork skin curry gravy sold here are worth trying too.

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Pusat Makanan Chha Yong
No. 2, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh.
Close 2 days fortnightly.
(Which days closed are uncertain)

34 thoughts on “Pusat Makanan Chha Yong, Ipoh Garden South

  1. everything looks pretty decent..
    to me because i rarely visit ipoh..prob twice a year eventhough my mom originates from ipoh..
    ipoh = white coffee, kai si hor fun and dun dan (egg custard)..if i dont eat this few items i will swear all the way bak to kl..hahah

    thanks for dropping by

  2. Egg custard? I wan! And I also want that ais kacang you had! Man sounds different from Penang ais kacang. SO much stuff on the shaved ice….hmmmm….These days I have been eating a lot. Besides chilli that shop got sell other stuff? lolz…My fren calls my trip down to KL as “eating spree” kekekeke

  3. SWICC: Ah, yeah the egg custard! Can’t find similar or good egg custard in KL? Thanks for dropping by too!

    Pepperpourri: Hope you’ll like them.

    Jian: Been having local ais kacang a lot, I’m cravings for ais kacang from somewhere else! Guess you’ll have your egg custard fix when you’re here. Um, the place selling the chilli sauce is a restaurant actually. They do a pretty decent fried wantan and fish balls from ikan parang.

    wmw: Ya lor, I’m also quite surprised! And it costs me RM1.70 only.

  4. wah RM1.70? haha penang also RM1.70 but not as much stuff as the one u had. Durianberry said there is a stall in KL selling egg custard but always sell finish when she reaches. lolz…she vowed to have it when I am at KL. lolz…

  5. Dunno….have to ask durianberry for this. Hohoh syok nye…another 4 more days I will be in KL….kakakaka….Heya For KL-Ipoh, we’ll b dropped at Gopeng. WHere iziit? Sounds far tho..

  6. Hm those red red stuff is sort of crunchy izzit? Looks like the “liu” they put for santan dessert in thai restaurant. hm….water chesnut? I just remember old style ais kacang use gula melaka wan…hahah just like the ah ma in PCK. lolz…I wonder how Penang ais kacang evolve to using sarsi syrup.

  7. Tummythoz: Yeah, can say so. In fact, I don’t even know how to crack the shell!

    SC: Yep, nice and cheap but the portions are ‘ngam ngam’ only.

    Precious Pea: That is Kum Heong leh.. I wanna try Salt Pepper Mantis Prawns!

    babe_kl: Erm.. I think they’re jellies with chewy texture. They’re pretty common here, almost all ais kacang have that.

    Lyrical Lemongrass: Sowwy… I just read your post and I can understand how tired you are ^^” But you have been rewarded, aren’t ya? 😛

  8. Jian: Nop, they’re chewy. Ar, santan dessert? Aiyee, now you said that, I never try any dessert in Thai restaurant! *duh* Oh, I like the sarsi syrup ais kacang but don’t think can find anymore in Ipoh 😦

  9. oh? so old style is sarsi wan? lolz…Everywhere u go (in penang)and order ais kacang, its sarsi syrup. hahaha now i feel like eating ais kacang after reading this post and saw the pic above….aiyoh…i just had cendol yesterday lar.

    Oh? so far thats thats the only dessert i’d ever had. lolz…besides in restaurant you can find desserts in Thai Fair ma…

    Hm now that u have reminded me, maybe i should korek my photo lib and collect all the thai desserts i’d eaten. One of the recent ones was Sarsi popsickle. hohoho sungguh special. 50sen perstick oni :3

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