Restoran J. J. Fatt @ Lawan Kuda, Perak

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Yep, this time we’re going somewhere outside of Ipoh. My friend organized a dinner gathering with some other close friends at this particular restaurant last Saturday. Lawan Kuda (direct translating means “fight horse” in English) is a small village which has been associated with “yeh mei” (cooked wild animals such as wild boar, tortoise, crocodile meat, squirrel etc) for decades. It takes approximately 25 minutes to reach this place from Ipoh city, passing by Simpang Pulai and Gopeng. Once you reached Gopeng, go another 1km further up and you’ll see the signboard “Lawan Kuda”. No photo on the signboard as it’s almost impossible to snap the photo in such dark surroundings.

“Dai chau” restaurants are abundance here (“yeh mei”, remember?), from rickety zinc roof and wooden shops to modern shophouses. But since we’re not into “yeh mei”, we just opt for their usual menu.

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Wu Xi Pork Ribs. They claimed that this dish is specially prepared by the chef who’re from Wu Xi, China. The ribs are cut into long diagonal chunks and tastes absolutely delicious. I have no idea what they used to prepare this but it’s fragrant, no porky smell and it’s hard to resist those sticky sauce on top of the ribs. I lick the bones clean, you know… 😛

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Deep fried white beancurd with minced meat gravy. Love the crispy outside skin and the smooth silky texture inside. The gravy is perfect to go with rice.

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Steamed Herbal Chicken Thigh. The chicken thigh is steamed to perfection – the succulent, juicy flesh is actually dropping off from the bones. Paired with the herbal gravy… Yumzz.

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My friend’s insisted that we must order this, Stuffed Beancurd Puff with “yun choy” soup. (Anyone know the English name for “yun choy”?) The vegetables cooked with herbal soup and accompanied with deep fried beancurd puff stuffed with marinated minced pork filling. The beancurd puff, amazingly still crispy eventhough soaked in the soup for hours. Thumbs up!

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Some veggies to balance our meal, we ordered Stir-Fry Pak Choy with Garlic. Simply love the sweetness and freshness of the vegetables which full of “wok hei”.

From the moment we sat down, our chit-chat topic is basically about food and holidaying… Hahaha… Thanks to Shim and her husband for introducing such good eatery to us. And thanks again for paying the bill too 😛

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*Not the perfect map, I know, but this is the best I can make.

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19 thoughts on “Restoran J. J. Fatt @ Lawan Kuda, Perak

  1. Lyrical Lemongrass: Once a while, never mind la! Just like eating fried chicken *blehh*

    citygal: Wild boar is ok, but squirrel?? I don’t dare to try 😦

    Tummythoz: I miss the ribs… heh

  2. lolz….wild boar meat a bit tough…dun really like….squirrel nice wat. lolz…Just had croc’s tail *if u read my recent entry*…

    Oh you like potato so much….consider trying diff sorts of potatoes…they smell and have diff textures…But so far I only had australian potatoes and US russets b4 oni. And of course china ones (: P)

  3. I will have to stop my thoughts to think that they cook the yeh mei in the same wok or pots as the normal food. ha ha ha…But looking at the pics, I think all I need is about a minute to forget! LOL

  4. Jian: Ahhh… squirrel nice? *giggles* Yeah lor, saw that croc’s claw, fast fast scroll down 😛
    Em, I just know how to eat de, never get to know what type of potatoes are they. Ha Ha Ha

    wmw: Alamak, I never get to think of that! You’re making me curious on the pork ribs LOL

  5. haha maybe they feed u with gigantic snake meat instead to replace the sold out pork.lolz…

    Oh yeah. the cili sauce is Kg. Koh Sos Cili from Sitiawan. Garlic cili sause oh.

  6. oh i din know about that….thats why i was wondering why u say its spicy. lolz…

    Durianberry is growing durian thorns on her head liao….lolz….

  7. Boo: Yeah, I was surprised too. It was a good meal.

    Precious Pea: My friend say spinach is “bo choy”. So, I’m confused now. The chicken is one whole thigh and yes, enough for us. Ah, don’t say like that, yours will taste better when you have all the ingredients on hand:)

    Jian: Yala… I think I know where to get it in Ipoh. Can bring you two to buy them when you guys came. Heheh

  8. jason, any chance u can recommend some nice eating place at/near lumut? my fren asked me, i donno ler..thot u are nearer to that place, so have better ideas? maybe u can answer for me at my blog (chat area)? thanks a lot!

  9. 我吃过,非常好,许多新菜色…
    特色菜,蒙古猪手,龙子鸡,走地鸡(KAMPUNG AYAM),
    IS GOOD…

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