Sidewalk Ice Cream Lounge, Ipoh Garden

I’ve been trying (trying hard actually) to get someone to go with me for my ice cream fix after I saw the last picture on Precious Pea‘s review on Delicious by Ms Read. Blame it on the pic! ^^

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And so, I finally managed to drag a super busy friend (who’re busy dating usually) to Sidewalk Ice Cream last Friday. Heard about this place since secondary school but never managed to come until recent years.

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Roasted peanuts as appetizer but it’s not free, costs RM1.50. Sky juice is free though. As for the ice cream, just choose your preferred presentation style, number of scoops and ice cream flavours. The number of scoops range from 1 to 5. My friend’s having cough at the moment, so he skipped the ice cream.. poor fellow.

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Warm lighting with mix-and-match interior decoration. It gave me a feeling that this place is more suitable for families than youngsters or couples.

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Purposely choose to sit in front of the aquarium cos I like tropical fish. There’s some Snoopy figurines on the shelf above the aquarium.

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Em…. It’s mine! So-called Valentine’s Dream, it consists of 4 scoops of my chosen flavours – Cookies ‘n Cream, Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow and Coffee Mocha and decorated with nuts, whipped cream, wafer sticks and fruits @ RM7.80. Kinda regret to have Marshmallow cos can’t really taste it. The Coffee Mocha and Cookies ‘n Cream flavours overpowered the Marshmallow… duh.. but nevertheless, the whole cup of ice cream is still nice 😛 Sinfully nice, others would say…

Sidewalk Ice Cream Lounge
Opposite ‘Tongku Teng’ (Anika Selera Kam Wan Food Court)
Ipoh Garden


12 thoughts on “Sidewalk Ice Cream Lounge, Ipoh Garden

  1. cookies n cream, you calling me? LOL. Why do they serves you roasted peanuts? To put them into the ice cream you ordered? It’s like going to a dai chow stall. Hehe, where’s the Ipoh Garden/Tongku Teng?

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass: Yeah! Since I only have it once in a blue moon, I think it’s ok la.

    cookies_cream: Hey… nope, not for you to put into the ice cream. I also don’t know why they serve peanuts as appetizer. The Tongku Teng is next to the Wooley Foodcourt which is famous among residents of Ipoh Garden last time.

    Precious Pea: Yalor, but need you to lead the way. Cos I’m sure I’ll lost in there.

    citygal: Guess there’s not much choice for cheap ice cream place in Ipoh. But aren’t Sidewalk is only open at night? The boutique opens at night too?

    Tummythoz: Arr… not my fault ar. He only tell me he’s sick after I put my order. >_

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