Cafe U’Like, Ipoh Garden South

*Updates: Cafe U’Like has ceased operations.

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been difficult to get some ‘makan gang’ to dine with me since my off day is on Wednesday… and for the past 2 Wednesdays, I’m munching kon loh mee at home for lunch! *sob*

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I dragged my colleague to this place for lunch today… Tired of usual ‘tar pau’ mixed rice and noodles, we decided to go for some affordable western fare. ^^

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Simple setting. We sat at the outdoor section (easier to snap pics) as the indoor area is dimly lit.

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A friendly auntie came and dropped us the menu. Then came a tall young waiter. (Arkk..) I haven’t finish gazing at the menu yet but my colleague has already placed her order! As the waiter waited patiently while I flip the menu, my tastebuds silently ‘asked’ me to order something spicy. Kekekeh… After he left, I saw the newspaper article above our table.

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Banana Milk Shake. There’s vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but I chose this. Must have been nervous that time 😛
Served in a chilled tall glass, it looks great but appear too sweet for my liking and not chilly enough on a hot day like this. Would be happier if they throw in some ice cubes.

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My colleague’s Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop. When she saw this, she say “Wah, I don’t think I can finish this”. But then, she managed to stuff everything into her stomach – and much faster than I do!

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My Grilled Thai-Style Chicken Chop. This is good with spicy and sour gravy, topped with lots of shredded cucumbers. Chicken was slightly charred, which makes it crispy at the outside but tender and juicy at the inside. Just perfect. And I like hash brown!

Total price for 2 main course and a milk shake plus tax came to RM24.68. I’d say it’s reasonable 😉

Cafe U’Like
No. 3, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 7,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh.
Phone: 05-547 2223
Close on Mondays.

20 thoughts on “Cafe U’Like, Ipoh Garden South

  1. Oh Thai Style chicken shop…hahaha….i like it with onions..loads of it..lolz…Let me guess…a plate of those chops is about RM8 sumthing? Ok ler…

    Heya how to contact u when me and durianberry on the go….no internet….

  2. Thai style chicken chop sounds interesting and something I’d like to try. Spicy…!! Why do I get the feeling that it’s more sweet than spicy? Servings look substantial. Good value for money, eh?

  3. whoa…expensive …RM9.50 for chicken chop only wor….u can ask ur mom to grill the chicken and put the thai sauce on top…not that hard to make rite? then together with the sauce u can add in mango strips,onion strips,chilli strips, any thai associated ingredients lar. haha….my best guess is, the thai sauce is practically straight from the Maggi Thai Chilli sauce. Just recook with some other ingredients..

    Yeah ur number.

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass: Maybe cos of those cucumbers on top? Heh.. Well, it’s kinda mild actually.

    tankiasu: Same here as I can only salivating over the pics on your blog! Dangerous to read b4 meal 😛

    Jian: Yeah, that’s true but my mom won’t prepare that for me at home ler cos my parents don’t like western food and don’t encourage us to eat them. So, no choice but to eat behind their back 😛

    Tummythoz: LOL… 😀

  5. Pepperpouri: It’s kinda new. Before this, it’s called Pampering Cafe… strange name.

    Precious Pea: Yo.. You’ll attack hawker food like there’s no tomorrow if I tell you the prices ^^ Gain few more kgs.. ahahaha.

  6. Wah, yum yum! I think it’s cheap! For the atmosphere and the portion. In Pg, a plate of chop at kopitiam already costs RM6 or 7. And they are stingy on salad and greens.

    Jian always can tiru and whip up her own copycat version. Hehe. Unlike me, so lazy, I’d just go out – order, eat and leave the plates to be cleaned

  7. Hey hey apa copycat ar? lolz…true…but I ended up liking the original version wan. Whip up copy cat version is just for fun plus I can eat it anytime I want…hohoh

    Fettes Park Western Food (Next to Fatty Loh Chicken Rice) ok wat. Decent portion. Not very expensive… Of course not all stalls are like that lar….

    : / mom also said the exact words Durianberry said. “Go out, order,eat,leave the plates behind” : P “So easy, why so susah susah cook sendiri?” =_=”””

  8. Actually I like both hash brown and shoestring fries (provided they are freshly fired lar, not the lembik types)….hash brown does smells nicer 🙂

  9. durianberry: Haha… Yeah lor, she seems like do a lot of cooking at home. Last time I will cook at home la, but now.. eheheh…

    Jian: Sounds like your mom wanna retire liao 😛 I actually love all types of potato regardless the cooking method.

    Jackson: Yeah, spicy sour.. very “hoi wai” 😀

  10. Nopes. She only says that whenever I want to cook : P and complain why I can’t use the microwave oven. lolz…so u like potato more than rice?

  11. for that price, this place is really reasonable..hey jason, am popping over to ipoh this month end, may give u a buzz to meet at thong sui street. or maybe i’ll see you at the gathering next friday? u coming?

  12. Jian: Haha… Can say so! There’s one time she cooked the stewed potatoes with minced pork, I only had that single dish for dinner! I must be crazy lol.

    SC: I’m trying to make myself there for the gathering. If I can’t make it, then I’ll see you in Ipoh!

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