Home Made ‘Sambal Ikan Bilis’

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One of mom’s expertise, sambal ikan bilis (anchovies in chilli paste). Nope, she’s not making nasi lemak, just the sambal to go with plain rice.

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My siblings gobbled most of the sambal and left such small portion for me (Grrr….~~)

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Accompanied with hard boiled egg.. Yummz. I guess these are steps to prepare it:

  • Remove the heads, clean and halved. Deep fried and set aside.
  • Blend belacan, garlic, chillies and shallots. Heat oil and sauté till fragrant.
  • Return fried anchovies to mixture and stir till evenly mix. Add in asam juice (mom say it’s asam koh/kou but I don’t know the English word for it) and stir till the gravy is thickening.
  • Serve hot with rice, cucumber slices, peanuts and hard boiled egg.

17 thoughts on “Home Made ‘Sambal Ikan Bilis’

  1. If me and durianberry are sticking to our plans, wed it is. lolz…Er we going there after KL. Meaning we are taking bus…Haha *paiseh but still have to ask*…Are u going to drive us ard? : P And we not sure if we wanna overnite in Ipoh. I am thinkin of YMCA Ipoh…lolz….any suggestions?

    Haha hard boil eggs really goes with sambal ikan bilis hor? or perhaps any curry…Somehow they just taste good together with sambal or curry.lolz. Yam cakes look good too.

  2. Jian: Gotta let me know when you guys planned to come… cos I just got news that my company is switching off day back to Sunday by 22 April. So, if you come after that date, then you gotta come on Sunday. I suggest that you come on Saturday evening and stay overnight 🙂 Em.. got other cheap rate hotels here, don’t worry.

  3. Alamak….Hafta bincang with durianberry. lolz…kay will let u noe. Oh yeah, we taking bus. And I havent get my bus ticket yet : P Hope there is still tixs…

  4. xiulongbao: A lot more will be better! Kekeke.. I’m ikan bilis addict!

    Jian: Ah… get it soon! My friends who’re working in KL said that tickets to Ipoh on weekends always sold out.

    Tummythoz: Blended together with other ingredients, I think it won’t ‘stink’ that much guar.. lol

  5. Belacan got that stinky meh? hahah wont be as stinky as “ham yu” kua…. Hey, my and durianberry sticking to our initial plan to go on Wed. 2nd May holiday wor. You still working? You think buss ticket will run out as well during that time?

  6. jus a nasi lemak, wat for post it? Aren’t you malaysian? u looks like a kampung boy. Never see and eat nasi lemak b4? U got nothing else to do? ur photography skills is damm weak.

  7. Thanks Jason, for offering to bring us around makan makan in Ipoh! A lot of unforseen shortcomings came up (public hol & final exam paper postponement) so we had to change and change the date 😛

    I have been waiting to try this nasi lemak at Seri Kembangan market, and after I see your post, my patience is bursting! Haha. Sat need to go grab that nasi lemak liao, thanks to this 😛

    Adoi Raymond, this is called food blogging. Each post is to show appreciation for any kind of foods

  8. Well raymond, it is sad that u see it this way. Food is for us to enjoy and makes us relax (which apparently you are not). I think anymore explaination is useless. Raymond doesn’t understand. *Geleng kepala*

    Oh the nasilemak kukus? Hahaha

    Thanx again ya! can t wait to go KL and Ipoh.

  9. Durianberry: You’re welcome and thanks. But you guys need to let me know your arrival time, k? Can’t wait for your nasi lemak post 😉

    Jian: Thanks… looking forward to see you in Ipoh.

    Precious Pea: Em.. no lar, but not inspired to write new post lately. So, just simply put that lar 🙂

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