Deep Fried ‘Kuih Keladi’

My camera’s back and I’m ready to roll :p

Dad’s friend’s wife (huhh…. any shorter term ah? How about aunty?) made this last week and gave some to us. Apparently, we tried to figure out what are them and it turns out to be a type of snack made from deep fried minced yam with breadcrumbs.

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She actually is a Taiwanese who married to Malaysia and occasionally, she’ll make some finger food or organise a steamboat party and invite us over. She loves durian and ‘petai’ (hahaha) and when my dad told her that I don’t fancy both, she said, “You call yourself a Malaysian??” Lol…

Ok, ok, back to the ‘kuih keladi’ (yam cake). Very nice finger food, I can’t stop myself from having the 2nd serving and then 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on… heh. The only problem – it’s a bit greasy though. I’m not sure whether it’s a type of Taiwanese food or she just made it according to her preference.

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