Nasi Lemak, Old Town Kopitiam

On one fine day, I’ve running out of idea on what should I have for lunch.. until I remember that I had the nasi lemak from Old Town Kopitiam before and it’s quite good. Just thinking of it makes me drooling 😛

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The portion is quite big, the anchovies are crispy, fragrant rice, the cucumber is fresh and crunchy and the sambal is just nice but a bit mild, suitable for those who can’t take spicy food.
Well, this is probably my only choice of food at Old Town Kopitiam other than their peanut butter toast with condensed milk 😀

And before I forget, Happy April Fool’s Day!

12 thoughts on “Nasi Lemak, Old Town Kopitiam

  1. Lyrical Lemongrass: Yeah, it’s the Old Town Kopitiam franchise. I’m not sure if they serve the same stuff with same quality at other stores, though.

    Jian: Yeah, they have the Nasi Rendang but I haven’t try it yet.

  2. Aiyoh why no one try Nasi Rendang wan….haha so mysterious…must go try d….Eh I think Penang’s portion not that big tho….dunno…lolz…to me everything in Penang is small portion. Hahaha

  3. Jackson: Really ar? Ok, I’ll go try it out.

    Jian: Haha, you go try and tell us la. Actually the nasi lemak is not very big portion when I eat there but ta pau one seems bigger 😛

    wmw: Welcome back! You can enjoy your local foodies very soon 😉

    Precious Pea: Sorry to hear that you’re sick… Yeah, better don’t eat those for sometimes… “Bitter now, sweet later”!

    Tummythoz: Then go ahead, savour them occasionally is not a sin… hehehe

  4. xiulongbao: That’s true! Normal old coffee shop serve better coffee and milk tea but the food varies.

    Pepperpouri: I like their peanut butter toast 🙂

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