Colonel Rice Combo from KFC

Anyone know about the new combo set meal from KFC? For me, I wouldn’t know about it if not because of my friends who wanna go there for supper last night. From far, can see the banner stating “Kita Mesti Makan Nasi!” (We Must Have Rice) lol.

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Frankly speaking… the picture doesn’t attract my interest to try it at all… hahahah. Only one of us ordered it… “Try maa” he said. I choose to go for my usual Zinger meal :p

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As we unfold the lid covering the rice, I yelled in heart “Yay, lucky I didn’t order this!” Opss… The so called flavoured rice, came with bits of raisins and came with coleslaw (no pic), 2 pieces of chicken (OR or HS) and gravy (the peppery gravy from whipped potato lor).

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Em… looks worse after the gravy is added on it. We each person try a small scoop of the rice and agreed that it’ll be a history soon LoL. The rice is not soggy but stick together in lumps and the gravy… is ok but I personally don’t think it goes well with the rice. Chicken – normal lor, nothing special about it. The quality in KFC seems dropped below average… except for cheezy wedges. Even the chicken in my Zinger is not spicy at all and too dry. Better go for McD’s quarter pounder… haha..


15 thoughts on “Colonel Rice Combo from KFC

  1. I had KFC last nite and was wondering why the quality had dropped…the chicken had more fats than usual, and I could see traces of blood near the bone. I’m hoping that it’s a one-off bad day. I have yet to try the rice, but as you described it, it certainly looks unappetising.

  2. Jackson: Muahahah… then what’s her comment? My friend ordered that, not me. He didn’t even finish the rice.

    teckiee: I think McD’s banana pie is far much better than this guar? I haven’t try the pie though…

  3. Boo & xiu long bao: You mean the TV commercial? Hardly watch TV nowadays, so I totally don’t know about it. Just avoid the rice and go for their usual menu

  4. Gosh….seems like alot of ppl having bad experience with KFC….Pizza hut also has a similar item on the menu just like KFC. Myabe go back there when I have salty chicken crave. lolz…Haha I McD supporter. Sorry lar, disappointed with KFC too many times d. Alaskan burger was a flop. Will I be sued for saying this? lolz

  5. I have no complains about their chicken. Still think its nice. But what with all the image change and trying so hard to introduce local flavors to their menu? This rice thingy is a shame really.

  6. Jian: I prefer McD too. Their Alaskan burger was totally a turn off, too dry and kinda tasteless. Lol, they’ll sue me first for posting this up!

    SC: Em.. Their cheezy wedges are still good though ^^

    Precious Pea: Better to go for their usual OR than this one.

    tankiasu: Yeah, it’s weird to swap between eating rice with spoon and finger with the chicken. Just doesn’t make any sense at all. Maybe they’re trying to introduce the “makan dengan tangan” concept at fast food restaurant? Hahaha…!

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