‘Tong Sui Kai’, Ipoh

This would be one of my favourite place to go for hawker food in Ipoh. Literally known as Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street) by the locals, it’s located in front of SRJK (C) Sam Tet, off Jalan Sultan Idris.

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My reunion with two ex-schoolmates last night was certainly a great occassion although we were seated at the wrong place (one of them arrive earlier and grabbed a seat according to his preference), so there goes my mixed fruit ice dessert and ‘yut kwong hor’ (fried kuey teow with raw egg). But it’s ok, our dinner turns out to be quite good anyway.

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My all time favourite, ais kacang with ice cream, RM2.00. This is among the few spots that still serve it with ice cream in Ipoh. Love it with plenty of kidney beans, peanuts and jellies.

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Char Kuey Teow with yellow mee, prawns and egg. My friend “sapu” them immediately as he’s quite hungry at that time, so I didn’t try it. But from his enjoyment, I guess it should be good.

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Kangkung Sotong. The sauce was a bit watery but still good.

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Blanched cockles with chilli sauce. The two of them almost “sapu” all while I just watch them crack the shell and poped them into the mouth. LOL

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My recommendation – Egg Skin Popiah. Priced slightly higher at RM1.60 per piece, this is a must have snack. Both the fillings and skin were full of flavours.

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Normal popiah, RM1.20. Good but the egg skin version tastes better of course!

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The stall selling popiah is located opposite Tong Sui Kai, inside a food court called Man U (gosh, someone really have the passion for Manchester United, I guess).

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Other surprises you would find at Tong Sui Kai include chee cheong fun with mushroom and gei ji gravy, beef noodles, “lolo”, wan tan mee, and various types of desserts such as barley gingko with fu chuk, mo mo cha cha and black sesame.

Tong Sui Kai
In front of SRJK (C) Sam Tet
Off Jalan Sultan Idris

32 thoughts on “‘Tong Sui Kai’, Ipoh

  1. Lyrical Lemongrass: LoL.. I look at my own pics and my stomach began to growl too! Pasal skipped breakfast this morning 😦
    Come to Ipoh, I bring you there to savour it ^^

  2. Wowo….seems like yr new camera did a great job in yr picture quality!!! The picture of ice kacang look so good! RM 2 is definately a cheap price comparing wt KL….. Hmm….*slurp* when can i go to Ipoh ya??

  3. CityGal: Great, just let me know after you confirmed the date 😉

    Boo: Hey, I like the Sarawak ‘kolo’ mee and Sarawak laksa you reviewed there. Btw, any idea how to put my comment on your posts except being a Blogspot member?

    Tummythoz: Let me know when you’re coming, k? I bring my tummy along 😛

  4. Hahaha I wanna go Ipoh also….can’t wait for my pal to come back to penang. Hehe just updated the site. Thanx for stopping by. lolz….

  5. Oh my goodness, Ipoh food!!! I’ve been planning a makan trip to Ipoh with my friends, for ages! Grrr…can’t wait to go there to wallop all the delicious food. 🙂

  6. Jian: Your friend studying/working in Ipoh? I’ve been waiting for updates lol… since I can’t find much blog featuring PG/BM foodies.

    tankiasu: Lol… By the way, I’ve linked your blog to mine, hope you don’t mind.

  7. Nope…she’s in KL….we acutally planned to go there last year….too bad lar….the 1st place I wanna stop at is Fu San :> Oh tot a lot of ppl featuring Penang…..anyway Durianberry ( https://gastronomicdiary.wordpress.com/ ) is the one I m mentioning above. Hehehe….Tot not many reading my blog….lolz….too many good foodies out there…..

  8. Jian: Oic… yeah, many ppl will stop by Foo San for dim sum and pop across the street for soya bean milk or ‘tau fu fah’. Thanks for the Durianberry link!

  9. hi, nice of u to pop over to my blog :). was suppose to go to this place the last time i was in ipoh, most unfortunately, i left ipoh in the afternoon (was told it opens for dinner only, that right?)

  10. Boo: Okie, will try that. I supposed I can do that too for MeiYen and HoneyStar’s blogs rite?

    sc: You’re most welcome! Yeah, the stalls are open for dinner only. Next time stay overnight la!

  11. Aik….almost miss out the point where those stalls only open at night : P Aiyoh if like this, I kenot beat the 18 Hour challenge of eating in Ipoh…lolz….got the email? hmmm I think i can wallop the whole yim kok kai…hahaha

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  13. omg im fr ipoh n yet ive been to tong sui kai for not more than 5 times……but avthg i only go there for the chueng kee ngau lam fun….after reading ur blog……i feel like trying out all those food u posted on this blog ahha….thx ya

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