Penang Foodie Guide Book

Few months ago, while flipping some mags at the office, I came across the section where the editor introduce some worth-reading books. One of them is about KL’s eateries (too bad I forgotten the name! I think it’s something “licking… tummy.. KL”.. hahaha) and I said to myself: I must go and get it!

At MPH, I found the book but to my disappointment, the author offers only mere description of the establishments and there’s no single picture in it! Duhh… I flipped a few pages and put it back on the shelf.

Determined to at least get a book there, I begin to scan the title of the books before I saw this:

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Rasa Rasa Penang – A Visitor-friendly Guide to its Food. Yay! Seems like it’s my lucky day afterall LOL. When it comes to Penang food, I admit that I have the slightest idea where and which is nice.

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Nice pictures of the eateries with short description, business hour, contact, address and location map. Very comprehensive! Priced RM28, I instantly took one home 😛

11 thoughts on “Penang Foodie Guide Book

  1. Actually, when you think about it, a lot of our local food blogs have better descriptions of eateries as compared to the books that are currently available in the market. Plus, most blogs have unbiased/candid opinions, which is what we’re looking for. Having said that, I shall check out this book soon!

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass: The book does not have any personal comments on each eateries, just the descriptions are provided. (This is where food blogs came in handy). But it does mention that those places he covered are the best he ever tasted before 😛

  3. Precious Pea: I never believe those newspaper review! Those pictures are edited for better effect to catch readers’ attention… Can’t compare to ours which are 100% original

  4. If you want more details go to their website – it’s the sun’s food guide hence he has some items up in the website. Not really used that book so can’t comment if it’s good.

  5. This book looks gud. I luv reading food guide books. Btw, just found out that Star has recently published a book named as ‘KL Street Food Guide’. Gotta look for it this weekend.

  6. Boo: The website is but there’s not much information provided. Prefer to read the book though.

    xiulongbao: Really?? Must check it out soon. But with so many food blogs out there reviewing about KL’s hidden treasures (like you guys), I guess they’re more accurate than the book.

  7. I have a copy of The Star’s Guide to Malaysian Street Food. The book’s okay…seems to be a compilation of Flavours Good Food Guide booklets. It lists out the more popular eateries with a brief description of the eateries, opening hours, address, tel number…Nice pics too. But because it covers the whole of Malaysia, there’s only so much information it can contain.

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