East Ocean Restaurant @ Menglembu, Ipoh

Last night, I went for my colleague’s wedding dinner at East Ocean Restaurant, Menglembu with my boss’ mom and dad. East Ocean – we called it “Tong (East) Hoi (Ocean) ๐Ÿ˜› And for your information, Menglembu is about 15-20mins away from Ipoh city centre (but about 1/2 hour from my house!) If you buy the local packed groundnuts, usually you will see the word “Kacang Tanah Menglembu” (Menglembu Groundnuts)…..

Ok, back to the topic. Each tables supposed to occupy 10 people but ours only 7. So, that means there’s extra portion for all of us! ๐Ÿ˜›

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As usual, first dish is the so-called “lang pun”, one of my favourite dish because each restaurant came out with different types of “dishes mixing”. This big plate consists of “Kung Pou” Chicken Cubes with Braised Peanuts (left), Crabmeat Omelette with Crackers (right), Dry Butter Milk Fried Fish Fillets (centre) and Curried Minced Seafood with Mix Veggies in Crab Shell (both above and bottom).

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I must admit that everything on the plate is very good especially the spicy Kung Pou chicken and minced seafood in crab shell. The chicken is tender, well-marinated and goes well with the peanuts. And you’ll need to dig the crab shell for the ingredients (Ah.. I don’t like seafood but this is different lol) and I had 2 servings of this ๐Ÿ˜›

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Nope, not sharksfin… It’s Crabmeat Broth with Chinese Mushrooms. A bit too concentrate… added too much cornflour solution?

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Braised Chicken with Ginger. That’s a huge portion for 7 people! Ops, I mean 6 people (ginger is my nemesis). So, I didn’t try it but my boss’ dad commented that it’s very good.

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Steamed White Pomfret. The fish is fresh but tastes a bit bland. The gravy doesn’t help much though.

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Big prawns… I guess the chef just fry them. Everyone almost didn’t touch them as they say they’re quite full, so no comment on this.

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Braised Chinese Mushrooms with Assorted Vegetables. Finally some veggies to balance my meal. I noticed they added in scallops, so I “diam-diam” try to scoop as much as I can… Ha ha ha

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Loh Mai Fan. I didn’t take the rice much as I’m starting to notice that my stomach is equally stuffed.. just pick the lap cheung and pork. Hehe…

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Water chestnut tong sui with longan. Served neither hot nor chilled, it’s served at room temperature. It made me taste and feel equally strange… And it’s diluted too.

*Sorry Carrien as I didn’t take any photos of you since my phone camera is not suitable for the job. Anyway, wish you and your hubby “Bak Tau Dou Lou, Weng Kit Tong Sam”!

11 thoughts on “East Ocean Restaurant @ Menglembu, Ipoh

  1. CityGal: My friends and I went to ipoh garden’s Tong Hoi few times but their food failed to impress us somehow. The menglembu branch seem to be better in quality and service. And since my office is nearby ipoh garden’s Tong Hoi, can always see they prepare the food nearby the drain… Eewww…

  2. lyrical lemongrass: Poor thing le… next time I ta pau to your office ๐Ÿ˜›

    xiulongbao: Em.. we only had 8 course meal that night but since there’s only 7 of us, there’s no way we can finish them

  3. I also like those hot and cold dishes cos normally wedding dinner starts late and will be so hungry by then. When first dish being served, sure attack like hungry wolves. Aiyoo..glutinous rice…my big fav. I still think red bean soup with Woh Pan (red bean/lotus fried pancake) is the best to complete a wedding dinner.

  4. Precious Pea: Yeah, but too bad we sat with strangers, so need to be polite a bit ๐Ÿ˜› Yeah, red bean soup with woh pan are perfect match. I once tried the red bean soup which was blended till smooth before served. So yummy!

    Tummythoz: Ah.. soli soli.. my blog doesn’t show the name ^^”

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