Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!

Dinner @ Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant, Ipoh


(Before I go any further, I would like to apologise here for the photos’ quality as I haven’t get a new camera yet…)  Last week, my whole family attended the Chinese New Year dinner, organised by Perak Association of Machinery which was held at Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant, Ipoh. My dad who owns a machinery factory is one of the member, that’s why we were invited.

This was the first time I get to dine here. Before this, I heard from friends that they prepare quite nice delicacies here. Even CityGal from KampungBoyCityGal (who is also an Ipohan) reviewed their restaurant.

We saw an array of trays containing “Yee Sang” nearby the entrance and we thought that would be first dish. But seems like I’m wrong…

First dish, consists of yam puff with mixed nuts and vegetables (centre), fried ‘fu pei’ rolls (right), fried squid balls (upper left) and steamed fish roll wrapped with seaweed (bottom). Everything edible on the plate were gone in few minutes… a proof that they’re yummy, of course!

Braised Crab Meat Broth with Fish Maw and Egg. The strange part is, they garnished it with coriander leaves on top. Aren’t that will affect the taste of the broth? Nevertheless, I don’t really like it. The broth’s taste is quite strong till it empowered the taste of other ingredients. Can’t really taste the crab meat.

Roasted ‘Yi Chu’. Everyone went for the crispy skin and ‘mantou’ as it arrives on the table. We asked the worker to separate the parts later on (pai seh to use hands eh…).

Fourth dish, Fried Fish Fillet Salad. This is the second best dish for the night. Generous amount of fish fillets, mango and honeydew cubes, topped with mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressings. Also, everything gone is few minutes 😀

Roasted Chicken with crackers. Nothing special about it, and the chicken is tad a bit too dry.

Some veggies to balance our meal but turns out to be the worst dish that night. The chinese cabbage is tasteless despite the generous amount of gravy given. It also seems like overcooked as it’s very very soft, almost like gonna melt in your mouth.

Last dish, Fried Egg Noodle. Doesn’t tastes as good as it looks. The ingredients used (shrimp, meat etc) are very little. Can’t taste the so-called “wok hei” at all.

Dessert of the night, Water chesnut and ‘fu chuk’ (beancurd sheet) ‘tong sui’. Taste ok but a bit too concentrate, like having porridge.

Overall, the food are just ok. I would prefer to eat at those normal “dai chau/siu chau” stalls which prepare much better dishes.

Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant
Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun (Jalan Kampar)
Opposite The Store
Ipoh, Perak.

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