My ‘Tar-pau’ Lunch on 13 and 15 Feb 07

If I’m not mistaken, Precious Pea blogged about her experience on having dinner alone last Wednesday (Sigh..Eating Alone…Sigh!). After I read her blog, I told myself, I must have BBQ Pork Rice for my lunch tomorrow, and Ta-Da..!

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So, I really had this on Thursday… BBQ Pork with my favourite acar! I asked the uncle to give me the lean part as I dislike the fatty part. Located behind my office, this stall serves yummy roast pork, BBQ pork, chicken rice etc with veggies as side dishes. Acar is one of my favourite dish, with plenty of grounded peanut chunks.

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Well, this my lunch on Tuesday. 2 piece of pork chops rice with veggie. Ah.. don’t say I’m “wai sik” for having 2 piece la cos their pork chops really are good! Should have snap the photo of the shop. Btw, the dark area are not over-fried, it’s the dark soy sauce “effect”.


6 thoughts on “My ‘Tar-pau’ Lunch on 13 and 15 Feb 07

  1. Lyrical Lemongrass & Precious Pea: Yeah, both BBQ pork and pork chops are really good. Eh, I forgotten to upload the pic showing I’m eating it lol. Happy Chinese New Year to you guys!

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