5 Things You Do Not Know About Me

The food blogging community of Malaysia is getting more exciting! Apparently, I was tagged by Precious Pea (Precious Pea) and Jackson (^^Living In Food Heaven^^) and now, I must list down 5 things about myself that most people don’t know! Quite interesting, eh? 😛

1. I like to set my hair as good as possible when I’m going to work or going out with friends to crowded places. My mom and sis often say that I’m worse than girls cos I might spent 15-20mins in front of the mirror, just to set my hair!

2.A food blogger need to be versatile and eat all kinds of food is it? Well, I’m different cos I’m a very picky eater. I do not eat internal organs (liver, intestines, stomach, tongue etc), preserved veggies (‘ham choy’, olives etc), mutton, duck, seafood, strong smelling veggies (celery) etc. Many people commented that I’ll miss plenty of good food. Well, I’ve tried and really don’t like them leh. I’m also a ‘lazy eater’, where I tend to go for food that can go straight into my mouth, rather than I need to chew the meat from the bones.

3.I started to watch Japanese anime since primary school and I’m still into it!

4.I have my Diploma in Business Information System, majoring in Web from NCC but I’m working as Sales Administrative.

5.I never had a girlfriend before!

I think those are the least people know about me lol. Next, I would like to tag the following bloggers… “And the nominees are:”

  • vkeong (I Am BM Kia)
  • Epicureans from Kampung & City (KampungBoyCityGal)
  • tekko (EatInOut)
  • Lyrical Lemongrass (A Whiff of Lemongrass)
  • 9 thoughts on “5 Things You Do Not Know About Me

    1. 1. Actually your hairstyle very cute..hehe!
      2. Tsk tsk tsk…eat also lazy!! *shaking head*
      3. I like Sailormoon, is it considered anime?
      4. What is NCC?
      5. Still looking? Need any help?

    2. Dear Pea,

      1. Thanks but I notice that I’m having hair loss lately!
      2. Ah… :p
      3. Yeah, I like that too! *ops*
      4. NCC = National Computing Centre, an organisation from UK. Should have added “I received my Outstanding Subject Award for Java in 2002” 😀
      5. Ah, thanks a lot but not looking at the moment lol

    3. U reminded me of a couple of cousins who fought over mirrors in the mornings preparing to go to school until the father decided to install full length mirrors for each of them in d room they share!

    4. Tummythoz & Lyrical Lemongrass: Me ah.. not so “kua cheong” till need to fight for mirror lol. Cos I’m the only one in the family who spend long time in front the mirror.

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