2006 Christmas Eve’s Dinner @ Ristorante Italia Mia, Sunway City Ipoh

*Updates: Italia Mia is currently under a new owner. Rumor has it that they revamped the menu with something not so Italian. Anyone been there yet?

Last year’s Christmas was the first time I celebrate with friends (never celebrate Christmas before ^^”). We decided to have something “western”, so Kai Ching picked Ristorante Italia Mia, an Italian restaurant located at Sunway City Ipoh. We went there few times before and the food were great.

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Ristorante Italia Mia, Persiaran SCI 2/1, Sunway City, Ipoh.

There are 7 of us and we’re the only table who wore Santa Claus’ hat! (lol) Photo courtesy of George:

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Pork fillets with thyme. Rating: 7/10. I can’t provide the dish name because I didn’t write them down (Sorry!) At first, we wanna have roast turkey but it’s already sold out by the time we arrive 😦

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Kai Ching’s order, fried calamari rings with salad and tartar sauce. Nice but the portion is not much as you can see here. Rating: 7.5/10

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George’s order, salmon steak. I didn’t try it but according to him, the fish is good. Rating: 7.5/10

I myself had the Chicken Cordon Bleu, deep fried chicken breast stuffed with cheese and ham. Forgot to take the picture… My rating: 8.5/10. We also had pumpkin soup and garlic bread with chopped tomatoes and sautéd mushrooms. We got to chat a while with the chef, a Chinese woman (the boss’ wife) after the meal and she treat us a serving of custard! It tastes totally different from those you eat at coffee shops, it’s slightly firmer in texture and rich in egg flavour.
Too bad, no picture as well….

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We also ordered tiramisu and this, cream puff with vanilla ice cream, topped with hot chocolate sauce. (yum) I don’t know how to pronounce its name, probably “profiterols” or “protiferols” (hahaa..) Rating: 10/10. The tiramisu is great, you can taste its light liquor flavour as soon the cheese starts to melt in the mouth :p~~

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Photo session after meal. Left, from front to back: Rocky, Kai Ching, Seng Heng and his wife. Right, from front to back: Tat Wai, George and me. Our bill that night came to RM300+ including service charge and tax @_@” We think it’s kinda reasonable with the food and services given to us 🙂

19 thoughts on “2006 Christmas Eve’s Dinner @ Ristorante Italia Mia, Sunway City Ipoh

  1. garlic bread with chopped tomatoes and sautéd mushrooms are called bruschetta. the custard u mean i think is creme brulee and it is a french dessert.

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  3. i’m wondering what is the most romantic dinner setting in ipoh, i’m thinking of celebrating with my friend during this festive season?? thx a bunch:>

  4. WEE: Hie… maybe you can try this or Paprika (Ipoh Garden East, same row as Hottrax). I’m sure Indulgence at Jalan Tambun will be nicely decorated as well but the prices are a bit steep.

  5. Zack: Other than Paprika, Indulgence and Italia Mia, how about Citrus at the old Antap Cafe? Pricing will be a bit expensive though.

  6. went there on CNY cz most chinese restaurants were closed …
    me n frens had Seafood Spaghetti (RM35), the same Pork Fillet thingy (RM32) n Chicken Breast with wine, cheese, n ham (RM32). Tiramisu was nice, spongy, but portion a bit small to share (RM17.50). ordered Creme Brulee (RM13), but finished, however the boss was nice, gave us a small bowl to sample for free.
    Taste was good with most of the food, albeit smaller portion, creme brulee was so-so.
    the owner is Italian i guess, dunno bout the chef though …

  7. Razak: Almost the same pricing as Indulgence.

    J2K: Yeah, the boss is the Italian guy while the chef, his wife is a Chinese. Their desserts are quite good albeit the small portions, especially the tiramisu.

  8. Hey just a small trivia, although creme brulee has a french name it is actually a English dessert. I’m sure you know it stands for burnt cream/ custard. The poncy french just have a way of calling things in a fancy way. (e.g. Croque Monsieur is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, Creme Anglais is Custard)

  9. Genuiness: Hi there. Actually, when this post was up, I don’t know much about creme brulee. You seem to know much about French food, are you a blogger too?

  10. I am a blogger
    (http://genuiness.wordpress.com) and like you I blog about food. Blog started out as a cooking blog but has not evolved to review restaurants wherever my travel takes me (mainly restaurants in London where I currently live but right now in Malaysia as I’m back for my holiday)
    I also Ipoh mali 😛 French food is indeed my favourite – too bad the quality of french food here is pretty poor.

  11. Genuiness: You’re using my previous WordPress template! Anyway, welcome back to Malaysia but yeah, many French restaurants here are bleh. So how long would you be around before you’re flying back to London?

  12. will be around till september, although I plan to go to HK next month (if all things go to plan) so I might be covering some proper fine-dining restaurants there.

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