Hawker Food @ ‘Big Tree’s Foot’, Ipoh

I should post some of my Christmas Eve’s dinner pictures first but due to some photo issues, I’ll put this one for the time being.

I went to Ipoh’s famous “Big Tree’s Foot” (called Tai Shu Keok in Cantonese) which located at Pasir Pinji with a friend. Basically, this place is kinda dusty and untidy as it’s located by the roadside. The hawkers erected some canopies probably due to some complaints by customers that leaves falling from above ^^

The most popular food here is the laksa and noodles, accompany with an array of freshly fried “fu pei” (beancurd skin).
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I ordered noodle, laksa for my friend and few pieces of “fu pei” when my friend spotted a stall with the sign saying “Malacca Nyonya Rice”. He went to investigate it and ordered a serving of the rice. Looked like our local nasi lemak.

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Hard-boiled egg, cucumber slices, fried anchovies, peanuts, crackers, sambal and a piece of chicken wing. Surprisingly, the sambal tasted good ^^

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