Hailam Noodle @ Restoran Mee Hailam Ang Ang, Ipoh

I went to this Hailam Mee Restaurant with George and Kai Ching which is located nearby Kai Ching’s house this noon for my brunch. It’s lunch, actually 🙂

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This is not the first time we’re here. The special about this shop: It’s packed with customers during lunch hour, even it’s located at an area which we refer as “hidden”. It’s surrounded by housing estates and the route to get there is confusing.

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The shop is full with patrons as you can see. The shop serve halal cuisine. When we entered, there are 2 groups of Indian customers, a few Malays and the rest are Chinese. We placed our orders and the waitress told us that we’ll need to wait a bit since there are lots of customers. Ermm….

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Our order arrive finally! (Waited for about 1/2 hour) Kai Ching’s order, Hailam Noodle with Chicken & Bitter Gourd, the dry version. If I’m not mistaken, I think it costs RM5.50. Consist of minced chicken meat, “choy sum” (sweet mustard), bitter gourd and lots of garlic! I didn’t taste it but they say it’s good, just the colour not dark enough 😛

Actually, I don’t really know the difference between Hailam Mee and Hokkien Mee, probably because the two dishes use the same noodle (tai lok mee)?

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My lunch! Hailam Noodle with Chicken, “wet” version. Consist of minced chicken meat, “choy sum” and garlic, priced at Rm4.50. Tastes a bit bland, though…

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Final dish, Fried Vermicelli, “wet” version. George say it’s nice cos he tried it before but I find it a bit plain and has the taste of raw vermicelli. Price, unknown 😛 There are other Hailam Mee available such as Shrimp and Petai Hailam Noodle, Shrimp Hailam Noodle etc. Overall, it’s food are not bad, but I would advise that you go earlier. Easier to get a table and the chefs tend to cook the food in rush when there’s many customers (that’s what the waitress told us! heh…)

Restoran Mee Hailam Ang Ang
(street name unknown)
Behind Taman Boon Bak, Pasir Putih
31650 Ipoh.
* Business Hour:
Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Close on Monday.


KFC Alaskan Fish Combo Voucher!

I thought KFC’s new product was the improved fish sandwich, but I came across this on vkeong.com. All you need to do is save the picture, print it out and show it to the cashier at KFC to enjoy 20% off on the new Alaskan Fish Combo meal. The picture looks nice but as usual, the actual product differ from the picture (lol)

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